Winter Wonderland Wedding

A winter wonderland can be romantic.

A wedding held in a winter wonderland setting can have a magical and elegant ambience. One of the most popular winter wedding themes, this nuptial celebration can be as simple or elaborate as the couple desires.

Your Winter Wonderland

The first step in planning a winter wonderland theme wedding is to decide what exactly is your perfect winter wonderland. The classic idea of a wonderland is pure, beautiful snow that is soft, delicate, and luxurious. Bright white flakes and gentle snowfall characterize this idea of a winter wonderland, but for other couples the idea of a wondrous winter may be completely different. Popular ideas include:

  • Active Wonderlands: Winter can be a great time to enjoy cold weather fun, such as ice skating and winter activities. A snowball fight, winter sports, and other outdoor adventures characterize an active wonderland.
  • Whimsical Wonderlands: Snowmen, reindeer, and other winter animals add personality to the event. A more fantastical theme might include snow fairies, Jack Frost, or the abominable snowman.
  • Indoor Wonderlands: For some couples, nothing is more romantic than a roaring fire and a hot mug of cocoa while the snow piles up outside. This type of winter wonderland theme is rustic and cheerful.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

If you are interested in a more uniquely themed winter wonderland event, it is easy to add personal touches to classic winter wedding ideas. To create your perfect winter wonderland, consider…

  • Wedding Stationery: Winter wedding invitations may have snowflakes or winter scenes embossed on white cards with subtle silver or blue accents. This simple motif can be carried throughout all wedding stationery, from save the date cards to wedding programs to wedding thank you notes.
  • Colors: White is the most popular color for a winter wonderland event, and an all white wedding can be stunning. Couples who want a bit of color often choose icy shades of light blue or bright silver, but gold is also popular. For a more startling palette, consider using midnight blue, emerald green, or ruby red as the primary color and accenting it with white or silver snowflakes.
  • Location: A true winter wonderland theme wedding will undoubtedly take place indoors, since snowy gardens and frozen landscapes aren't quite comfortable for outdoor events. Choose a location with panoramic windows over winter vistas to help nature decorate the wedding with her own winter wonderland. Ski resorts are particularly popular for winter theme weddings.
  • Attire: Winter wedding dresses are usually heavier than summer gowns and will use thick, warm fabrics such as brocades, satin, and velvet. Fur is a popular accent for both the wedding dress and bridal party dresses, and a long white cape trimmed in fur is popular for winter brides. Crystal accents and details on the wedding dress give it an icy look, and carrying a fur muff can be a unique seasonal touch. The groom and his groomsmen may wear white tuxedos as well.
  • Flowers: The flowers for a winter wonderland wedding can vary. Full white bridal bouquets are popular, though a touch of color can make the bouquet stand out. A cascade bouquet style can mimic a snowdrift, and crystal wedding bouquets are popular floral alternatives that add to the wedding's icy ambiance. Holly or pine boughs are often the preferred greenery for winter wedding floral arrangements.
  • Menu: The menu for a winter wonderland theme is usually a savory, hearty meal with roasted meats and rich vegetables. Artisan breads and soups are also popular. To warm up the guests, a cocoa or wedding coffee bar can be a fun option.
  • Wedding Cake: Winter wedding cakes are often white confections sprinkled with delicate decorations to mimic snow. Snowflake wedding cakes are especially popular, and flavors vary from classic vanilla cakes to peppermint fillings, mocha truffle cakes, or spice cakes.
  • Favors: Favors for a winter wonderland event usually incorporate a snowflake theme. Shaped cookies, ornaments, and cookie cutters are popular choices, or couples can choose gourmet cocoas, miniature snow globes, or knitted mittens as small thank yous for their guests.

Winter Wonderland Decorations

Above all else, the decorations for a winter wonderland theme wedding will convey the sense of the season's majesty into every aspect of the wedding. Popular options for winter wonderland decorations include:

  • Faux snow or snow-like materials
  • Dangling snowflakes in arches, doorways, or as part of a backdrop
  • White tulle, chiffon, or ribbon on chairs, draped along the ceiling, or used as a backdrop
  • Faux ice in centerpieces or scattered on tables
  • White twinkle lights
  • Iridescent white or silver glitter sprinkled on tables
  • Mirrors used as bases for centerpieces or table place settings
  • Ice sculptures to decorate a buffet table or used as frozen serving dishes
  • Faux snow or cling snowflakes to "frost" windows

Tips for a Safe Winter Wonderland

To make sure the winter wonderland scene for your wedding is safe and comfortable for you and your guests…

  • Offer a coat check for guests' wraps
  • Be sure sidewalks, stairs, and walkways are clear of snow and ice
  • Keep parking lots clear at both the reception and ceremony sites
  • Choose reception and ceremony sites with heated entryways for comfort
  • Be flexible with wedding plans and encourage guests to travel early in case of poor weather

A winter wonderland wedding can be a beautiful and sophisticated event. Cloaked in soft white and part of a magical season, a winter wonderland can be a romantic paradise for any couple, making their walk down the aisle truly memorable.

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