Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Rose bowls for winter wedding centerpieces

Winter wedding decorations, such as centerpieces made from faux ice and snow are just some of the creative wedding reception centerpieces you can choose. Explore these creative ideas for stunning winter centerpieces to make your wedding reception exceptional.

Winter Themes for Your Centerpieces

No matter how many brides and grooms say 'I do' during the winter months, each celebration is sure to be as unique as the couple themselves. Winter themes are very versatile, so you can choose whether you want a wedding that is whimsical with a theme of winter animals like penguins and polar bears, or whether you want a classic, more formal wedding with an elegant silver snowflake theme and rich jewel-toned gowns for your bridesmaids.

When deciding on your centerpieces, consider your overall winter theme and colors. You can incorporate them with a subtle touch, or make the centerpieces a central part of the theme. Although there are many options for purchasing, you can also make many centerpieces with minimal effort with the wide array of winter craft items available. Look at pictures and magazines for inspiration on simple pieces.

Ideas for Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Red and green topiary winter wedding centerpiece

From smaller, simpler central table décor to large, dramatic centerpieces, there are many ideas for chillingly beautiful décor.

Winter Topiaries

Topiaries are extremely elegant and offer a unique and modern look. Color can play a key role in making this a centerpiece suited to a winter theme. For example, white table and chair coverings teamed with deep red and green topiary centerpieces create dramatic contrasts. Alternately, winter colors like burgundy and emerald can be contrasted by a snowy white topiary.

Whimsical Winter Centerpieces

Smaller-scale versions of winter items such as sleds or sleighs can be romantic and whimsical winter wedding centerpieces. Fill them with nuts, mints, or other candies for a pretty appetizer and conversation piece, or fill with silk flowers. Winter animal figures arranged on a stemmed platter, such as penguins, polar bears, or winter birds make an interesting and fun centerpiece. More whimsical figures or themes include:

Winter sleigh for a wedding centerpiece
  • Snowmen
  • Reindeer
  • Presents/Christmas
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowballs
  • Ice skating/Ice hockey
  • Candy Canes
  • Winter Oranges
  • Christmas Village Miniatures

Elevated snow globes are another option, and can be wreathed with greenery or other flowers.

Winter Floral Centerpiece

Floral centerpieces are one of the most popular options, and winter flower combinations can be stunning and elegant. Some opt for a pure white arrangement, with white flowers and white filler. Incorporating rich or bold color accents, such as gold or silver, with your flowers can also create a wonderful effect.

Winter Tree Centerpiece Ideas


For a Christmas wedding, miniature faux Christmas trees are a wonderful option; but, there are also many other mini faux tree centerpiece options. Consider a mini mirrored tree, a grouping of mini trees in your wedding colors, or a mini pre lit white lighted tree. More tree ideas include:

  • A lace covered cone tree
  • Wire sparkle trees
  • Glitter vine or twig trees
  • Crystal wedding trees
  • Ornament trees - can be hung with winter favors like themed mini picture frames, key chains, or small bags of candy

More Centerpiece Ideas for Winter Weddings

  • Arrangements of faux sugared fruit on a raised platter or bowl
  • White, silver, or gold candle arrangements
  • Floating snowflake candles
  • Winter-themed votives and pillar candles
  • Arrangements of natural or painted pine cones
  • Real or faux pine cones, pine boughs or wreaths, and berry sprigs
  • Faux or real ice sculptures
  • Winter, candle, or ice 'garden' or 'forest'
  • Decorated gingerbread houses
  • Candle in hurricane glass wreathed by garland
  • Winter table runner and rows of votive candles
  • Baskets filled with winter items, such as spray painted gold and silver foam balls and faux fir branches
  • Giant mugs- would work well with coffee or hot chocolate wedding favors

Choosing a winter wedding centerpieces can be a fun part of the planning. Keep in mind your colors, theme, and atmosphere you want to achieve, and you centerpiece is sure to be part of your winter reception wonderland.

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