Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Whimsical wedding cake with cute couple topper

Whimsical cakes allow wedding guests to see the lighter side of the couple. This wedding cake design ranges from slightly fanciful to crazy and humorous.

Cute Confections

A cake described as "whimsical" is often one with distincive charm. Quaint or cute are other descriptive terms that come to mind when considering a whimsical cake. Unlike traditional cakes, these are instead creative wedding cakes that have a hint of humor about them, without being over-the-top.

Just because a cake is whimsical does not mean it has to look like it belongs at a 13-year-old girl's birthday party. Add a bride and groom wedding cake topper to a whimsical tiered cake to signify the occasion. This is especially important if your wedding cake has a theme or is sculpted to look like an object.

Designs for Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Create a wedding cake that includes the theme or style of your wedding, plus your wedding colors. Couples who prefer whimsical cakes often have fanciful theme to their wedding, such as Las Vegas, rock 'n' roll, or even are planning a wedding "under the big top" with a circus theme. All of these themes can be incorporated into a whimsical design.

Even if you are not having a themed wedding, you can still incorporate some whimsical elements into your cake. Instead of a [[Images of Wedding Cakes 3 Tier| three tier wedding cake]] with cascading roses, consider a traditional round, white frosted cake adorned with bold daisies with blooms that pop off the cake for a bold but still classic design.

Color is especially important in a whimsical wedding cake design. Often, the color pairings are unusual and bright. For example, if you are having a green colored wedding, use several shades of green on the cake, accented with vibrant yellow and fuchsia.

Whimsical Design Elements

Brides and grooms who want to skip flowers and do not have a particular theme can still find plenty of whimsical ideas for design elements, such as:

  • Swirls
  • Diamonds
  • Polka dots in assorted sizes
  • Checkerboard patterns

Place a funny wedding cake topper on the highest tier to finalize the whimsical design. Wired effects, such as floating hearts, stars, or butterflies offer another great way to top off a whimsical cake. These wired toppers can also be placed around the various tiers to add depth and interest to the entire cake.

Unusual Ingredients

What the cake itself is made out of is another way to create whimsy in a wedding cake. Krispy Kreme wedding cakes, made out of the famous donuts, are rising in popularity. Twinkies and candy bars are other popular ingredients that add a whimsical touch. Using unusual ingredients such as candy is becoming a popular trend that many couples choose. For example, the bakery Dahlia's Custom Cakes made a whimsical but romantic design featuring candy-coated chocolates.

Topsy-Turvy Cakes

Topsy-turvy cakes, otherwise known as mad hatter wedding cakes, are often synonymous with whimsy. These cakes have slanted tiers that give the appearance of almost falling over when they are actually quite stable. Just because a cake is called a "mad hatter" design does not necessarily mean it will be whimsical. An elegant design is possible with a topsy-turvy cake, so be sure to let your decorator know that you want a fun and fanciful design beyond the cake structure.

More Whimsical Inspiration

Because personality often shapes a couple's perception of what is whimsical, it is important to choose a cake decorator who shares the same vision as the couple. Ask to see the baker's portfolio that includes pictures of unusual wedding cakes in order to see whether the decorator is capable of making your whimsical cake.

Find more whimsical wedding cake inspiration on professional cake decorating websites, such as Wilton. Another great resource is to search out professional decorator's websites, such as Carrie's Cakes, to view the online gallery.

Whimsical wedding cakes often use a variety of icings, including fondant, buttercream, and gum paste, and they can come in a variety of flavors. Remember that no matter how cute or fun the cake is on the outside, you need to make sure the inside tastes as good as it looks.

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