Western Wedding Invitations

Click to download and print the invitation.
Click to download and print the invitation.

Printable invitations for a western themed wedding offer several customized options. From an informal invitation with western motifs to a fun wanted poster design, bridal couples can wow their guests with their creativity.

Free Printable Western Invitations

Download western themed wedding invitations online using Adobe or another PDF program. Once you download the invitation, you can personalize it with your wedding details.

For example, nothing says "country wedding" quite like cowboy boots and a cowboy hat do, as illustrated above. It's a great option for couples who will be donning their finest western attire for the wedding. However, your options aren't limited to invitations highlighting attire.

  • Wild horses - A western scroll design runs along the top and bottom of the invitation and wild horses decorate the top and bottom of the border. The wedding verse invites guests from the bride and groom and their parents. The running horses invite is a good option for a wedding on a farm or ranch.
  • Flowers and western stars - The background of this invitation is filled with flowers. A rope border creates an information box in the center of the invitation. A country star sits at the bottom center of the information box and two small stars adorn the top corners of the box. The design is more subtle than overt, making it work well for a number of western wedding styles.

Invitation Design Options

Choosing your invitation for a western or country wedding depends on several factors, like formality, desired motifs, and color choice.


For more formal weddings, ivory, cream, or neutral color invitations with white or cream overlays including western motifs can be beautiful and elegant ways to invite your guests. For more casual western weddings, bright colors, and denim or burlap looks work well.

In addition to the level of formality of the wedding, any sub-theme of the wedding can determine the type of invitation you choose. For example, an invitation of an embossed picture of a bride and groom riding on a horse can be perfect for a fairytale western wedding theme.

Graphic Ideas

The following designs are available in types of western wedding invitations:

  • Western hats, boots, and/or spurs
  • Fences
  • Hats or hat and veil on fence
  • Horseshoes or saddles
  • Horses or bride and groom on horse
  • Wanted! Invitation by Tara D'Arcy Designs
    Wanted! Invitation
    Rope/rope hearts
  • Daisies or daisy chains
  • Sunflowers
  • Wildflowers and prairies
  • Boy and girl in western wedding wear
  • Wagons/covered wagons or stage coaches
  • Wagon wheel
  • Wanted posters
  • John Deere tractor or farm tractors
  • Mason jars
  • Side of barn carved with a heart and your initials inside
  • Barn
  • Western star
  • Cattle or other farm animals

Colors and Patterns

Traditional colors for western weddings and invitations include red, white, yellow, and silver, but contemporary trends have brides choosing from a wide range of colors -- from deep plum and mauve colors to various blue hues, and even to fun bright pinks, greens, and oranges. Calico, gingham, fringe, or denim-look designs, along with ribbon, leather, raffia, or rope accents are also festive additions to the invitations.

Invitation Wording

The wording for a western wedding invite is something you and your spouse-to-be can have a lot of fun writing or choosing. Try creating wording based on the following ideas:

  • Getting hitched
  • Tying the knot
  • A wedding round up
  • Two-stepping
  • Trails or prairies -- i.e., of love/life
  • Ranches -- i.e., settling down

If you have a difficult time thinking of original wording, review sample verses from Paper and More or the options below, which you can use as is or customize to fit your needs. Whatever wording you decide on, don't forget to clearly depict the names of the couple, date, and location, including address, city, and state.

Two Stepping Wording Sample


are two-stepping their way down the aisle!

Please join us at the big dance on




Getting Hitched Wording Sample

We're gettin' hitched!


Come on down and help us celebrate on





Where to Buy

Many printing companies that offer wedding invitations now carry western styles as part of their standard line, like Invitation Consultants. For greater invitation variety, you may want to check out one of the many Internet retailers specializing in western weddings, such as Rustic Country Wedding Invitations. Both offer a wide variety of one-panel, fold over, and shaped invitations that fit the country and western motif in a range of prices that typically depend on the number purchased. You can also find coordinating stationary, such as response cards and receptions cards to match the wedding invitations.

Additional DIY Invitation Options

If you have a smaller budget or would like to spend less on your invitations, you have a couple options. Use a blank printable western invitation set to make your invites for a significantly lower cost than pre-printed options. Just print the invitations on your home computer. The Printable Wedding offers a variety of printable Western invitations you can customize and print at home for a very low annual access fee.

You can also purchase cardstock and make your own western or country wedding invitations with western wedding clipart or with western scrapbooking or craft embellishments from a local store such as Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, or Hobby Lobby.

Invitations Set the Western Wedding Tone

Invitations are the first glimpse your wedding guests have into how your wedding is going to look and feel. You can set the right tone by finding a country or western themed invitation that speaks volumes.

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