Western Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride and groom with a western wedding theme

Couples who chose to make their themed wedding country may want to begin searching for their western wedding cake toppers early to be sure to find the style that fits into their theme.

Styles of Western Wedding Cake Toppers

As a couple, you may want to think about your personal styles. Are you fun-loving? Ready for action? Serious or sentimental? Are you comical or laugh a lot? All of this makes a difference when it comes to choosing a wedding cake topper.

Cake toppers come in a variety of designs. The style you choose should either reflect that of your wedding (elegant, semi-formal, or casual) or that of your personal style. Couples often choose to reflect their own taste and style in their cake topper.

Elegant Toppers

Elegant western toppers often are made of porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, or glass. They are often simple in design, frequently only done in white, off white, or with a touch of color. They may feature a single cowboy boot or a beautiful horse.

Semi-Formal Toppers

Informal cake toppers are often made out of hard plastic and include lace, leather, or other decorative elements. These may be the easiest to find. The usually feature a bride and groom in western wear (hat, boots, lasso). Alternatively, a center of stunning horses or nice horseshoe or cowboy hat can be found.

Casual Toppers

Casual cake toppers are often funny and revealing. They may be tongue-in-cheek, with the saying "getting' hitched" on it, or feature animals as the bride and groom. Fun loving couples who plan casual weddings may use these as their main cake topper, or as a topper for a groom's cake.

Shopping for Western Toppers

Once you have determined what kind of cake topper you want, you should begin shopping. In addition to knowing the style of topper you would like, you should keep in mind a price range for the toppers. This can be a separate budget or included as part of wedding cake prices. Toppers can be found from anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars (or more). Many range between twenty to thirty-five dollars.

You may find western wedding cake toppers at a bridal supply store, wedding accessories shop, large bakery, or online. In an area with limited shopping opportunities, online may be the best place to look. Additionally, some western-wear stores may have a selection of wedding accessories.

If you are purchasing other wedding accessories, you may get a discount if you buy a large quantity from one store (or qualify for free shipping from an online retailer). Consider buying your other reception accessories at the same place as your cake topper.

The following retailers offer western wedding cake toppers:

  • Wedding Collectibles - From black and white cows as bride and groom to a beautiful boots and lace topper, this company has a range of toppers.
  • WeDoWed - Elegant porcelain figurines to top your cake are available at WeDoWed.com.
  • The Wedding Outlet - Features exclusively designed western themed cake toppers, with silver horseshoes, glass horses, and customizable flowers.

Making a Western Theme

Do not just stop at your wedding cake topper to make your western theme come alive. You can add in small touches around your cake table by using decorative accents to enhance the overall effect. Here are a few ideas to pull together your western theme at the cake table:

Chocolate Wedding Cake, Brides Bouquet, lucky horseshoe
  • Instead of tying ribbon around your cake cutting set, use rope or leather strings.
  • Get wedding napkins with a boot, hat, or horse design on them.
  • Place silverware in an upside down cowboy hat.
  • Use small pieces of hay to surround the cake instead of flower petals.

The western wedding cake topper you choose will add a decorative touch to the rest of your country wedding decorations.

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