Wedding Wagons for Kids

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A wedding wagon for kids is a unique prop, perfect for outdoor wedding decorations. It is also a good addition to spring, summer or autumn wedding decorations. With a little creativity, a wagon can be turned into a decoration suitable for any wedding theme.

Wagons and Kids in Weddings

Having wagons in a wedding with children is natural for couples who want the kids to feel at ease. Most children love to ride in wagons, so having a ring bearer or flower girl in a wagon is a great way to put young wedding party members at ease.

A wagon does not have to be just for kids who are part of the bridal party. Older kids are frequently put in charge of the guest book, card basket, or gift table. A decorated wagon is a great accessory and useful tool for children. Use a mini wagon on the guest book table, put a wedding card box in the wagon, or use the wagon to hold gifts, later to be hauled out to a vehicle.

Unique Wedding Wagon for Kids Decorations

The wagon decorations for a wedding often revolve around one of two themes:

  1. White lace and satin (white or colored) for elegant weddings
  2. Outdoor decorations, suitable for a backyard wedding or garden wedding, using flowers and plants

Yet you are not limited to decorating the wedding wagon for kids in around those two decorating schemes. Instead, use your imagination to turn a simple wagon into a personalized, one-of-a-kind item that people will talk about long after the reception music has faded.

Hunting Themed Wagon

A wedding with a hunting theme is obvious when the bride steps down the aisle in a camouflage wedding dress. Couples can go beyond wearing camo attire and eating a hunting-themed grooms cake, however. Decorate a wagon like a duck blind used for hunting in rivers, lakes, ponds and marshes. Set the ring bearer and flower girl inside the cover. When they reach the end of the ceremony aisle, have them emerge from their "camouflaged" hiding spot.

Fairytale Themed Wagon

Turn the wedding wagon for kids into a chariot fit for a prince or princess. Whether you are having a Cinderella theme wedding or a Renaissance wedding ceremony, a wagon decorated like a beautiful chariot is perfect for transporting the kids in the bridal party down the aisle. Add a canopy to the top of the wagon and use sparkling rhinestones for a princess wedding or use a rustic wagon with flowers and garlands for a fairytale Renaissance wagon.

Nautical Themed Wagon

Couples planning to wed with a nautical theme should consider turning their wagon into a boat. Make the wagon a sailboat by adding a small mast to the back. Add painted cardboard flaps to the sides, made to look like the rest of the boat. Children can sit inside wearing sailor's themed dresses and seersucker suits instead of typical wedding attire. Consider having them don captain's hats to complete the nautical themed wagon look.

Holiday Themed Wagon

Wagons are perfect for virtually any holiday. Cover the wagon in basket weave cloth and add a large handle for a wedding near Easter. Turn the wagon into a giant firecracker near the Fourth of July by cutting and painting cardboard in red, white, and blue. Use ribbons in bright red, yellow, and orange to hang off the back, representing the sparks. You can even decorate for a Christmas wedding using patterned tablecloths as a wagon cover.

Wagon Decoration Preparation

Decorating the wedding wagon that kids will use is something that can be finished well in advance of the wedding date. In fact, couples should get started as soon as possible on the creative wagon decorations. A wagon will not wilt, nor will it go bad; as soon as it is decorated, you can put it in a safe place to be stored for the wedding and cross another "to do" item off your wedding planning checklist.

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Wedding Wagons for Kids