Wedding Thank You Notes

Wedding thank you note and a calligraphy pen

A few tips for writing thank you notes for your wedding gifts make this task easier to tackle. With examples of how to say what you feel, this nuptial duty is simple and quick.

Time Frame for Sending

If you're going on a honeymoon, you obviously can't send your wedding thank you notes until after you return, but do try not to wait much longer than that. While it's acceptable to send it up to three months after the big day, it's best to do it within two weeks of returning from your honeymoon. After that, people may start wondering if you didn't like their gifts or didn't receive them.


Wedding thank you cards and their envelopes should be written by hand on blank cards. The front of the cards should feature couple's married name or monogram or the phrase "thank you" in an elegant font. Sending a form letter or typed envelope doesn't show the recipient you care enough to jot down a few lines. A thank you note is supposed to be a personal correspondence between two parties. Treating is as a mass mailing is insulting.

Sample Wording

Familiarize yourself with these wedding gift scenarios, then write your personalized notes with assurance. Wedding gift etiquette is important, so word your note carefully.

Heirloom Gifts

Dear Grandmother,

Thank you for the linen tablecloth. We are honored to continue the traditions associated with this family treasure. Robert and I look forward to seeing you again at the family reunion. Thank you again for your honored gift.

Love, Michelle and Robert

Money Gifts

Dear Aunt Linda and Uncle Norman,

Thank you for your generous wedding gift. Mary and I are saving for our first car and your gift encouraged us to begin looking. Thank you again for being a part of our special day.

Love, Greg and Mary

Registry Gifts

Dear William,

Thank you for the silver flatware. Dan and I will use them at every special occasion. You will see them again at our Christmas dinner! Thank you for your kindness.

Love, Kim and Lee

Gifts You Don't Like

Dear Cathy and Bill,

Thank you for the set of porcelain frogs. Roger and I will think of you, and our wedding day, every time we look at them. Thank you for joining us in our celebration.

Love, Margaret and Mike

Show You Care

Take an hour or two one evening or weekend afternoon to complete this task as a couple. You'll be happy you did. Reread your notes before popping them in the mail. Verify that your note sends the right tone and message, and that you spell everyone's name correctly. Verify that you are sending the right gift thank you to the right person. Write from the heart. Express how you feel with brevity and specificity.

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