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Map showing the location of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Plan a wedding reception in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by selecting a banquet hall or outdoor venue. Armed with venue details for Eau Claire and a list of the amenities you want, you're ready to choose which one best fits your personal style.

About Eau Claire

The Eau Claire city of Wisconsin is located in the Northwest area of the state, less than two hours from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis. This historic town began its growth in 1872, and now boasts a population of over 65,000 residents, and is home to a number of picturesque attractions, two colleges, a university, and various business, industrial, and economic venues that contribute to the growth of this beautiful area.

A Wedding Reception Eau Claire Wisconsin Style

Located near the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers, named as one America's Tree Cities, and with a thriving parks and recreation department, may couples may choose to incorporate some aspect of the outdoors into their wedding reception site. Indoor reception and banquet halls are available for those who want an indoor reception, or who are getting married when weather conditions would prohibit an outdoor event. There are many possible places to have the perfect post-wedding extravaganza in the area.

Outdoor Wedding Receptions in Eau Claire

If you're considering an outdoor reception, you'll have a variety of choices. Eau Claire is home to many parks with amenities such as volleyball, tennis, and horseshoe areas, lighted pavilions, golf courses, boat and fishing piers, children's play areas, and beautiful scenery.

  • Carson's Park offers substantial amenities, four pavilions, and is one of the largest of the Eau Claire area parks resting on 132 acres.
  • Fairfax Park offers an outdoor municipal swimming pool to keep guests entertained for a summer wedding.
  • Riverview Park and Island boasts a boat dock and three pavilions.
  • Mt. Simon Park has volleyball, golf, boat landing and dock, and two picnic pavilions.

Smaller parks include Owen Park, Rod & Gun Park, and the recently developed Phoenix Park.

When you hold a reception at an Eau Claire park, keep in mind that you will have to provide the details yourself, including catering or food, music or entertainment, and any other reception details you wish to include. An outdoor reception can be fun and less formal, and you can consider various themes for this type of celebration. Pavilions can be rented or reserved; you must submit an application for approval. Contact the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department for more information and complete event gathering rules:
Parks & Recreation Community Center
1300 First Avenue
Telephone: (715) 839-5032
Fax: (715) 839-1685

Reception and Banquet Halls in Eau Claire

Reception hall being set up for a wedding

Choosing a reception or banquet hall can take much of the hassle out of your wedding. Some facilities offer complete wedding packages that allow you to concentrate on the joy of your special day without being distracted by the reception details. Consider your budget, number of guests, and specific details you want when choosing a reception or banquet hall.

Many hotel and lodging venues in the area offer banquet halls for rental. These range in price and offerings. An advantage to having a hotel or lodging as the site for your reception is that is easily accessible for out of town guests. Here is a small sampling of choices:

  • The Historic Masonic Ballroom includes everything you could possibly want for the day including both a chapel and ballroom, catering, full beverage service and rooms for the wedding party to change in.
  • The Eau Claire Exposition Center boasts over 20-acres of land, and three multi-use facilities. It's ideal for huge, informal weddings. Rent only the part of the facility that you need.
  • Farm to Fork Retreat offers a unique experience for your wedding. You can both have the ceremony and spend your honeymoon here. Full packages offer everything you need.
  • The Plaza Hotel and Suites offers breathtaking views from its ten-foot windows in the Crystal or Two Rivers ballrooms. With plenty of event space and experienced staff, the Plaza is a great choice for an elegant wedding reception.

More Ideas

For more ideas for your wedding reception Eau Claire Wisconsin event, visit Eventective's Eau Claire Page. Remember that your wedding is your day, so feel free to create a reception that is infused with the personality of you and your soon-to-be spouse, whether it's an informal reception at the Eau Claire Sports Center, a small banquet at the Chippewa Valley Museum's Historic Schlegelmilch House, or a formal reception at the Plaza.

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