Wedding Poems for Parents

Choose poetry to thank your parents.

Wedding poems written just for parents are a nice gift. In all the hustle of wedding planning, it's easy for parents to feel underappreciated and overworked. A short poem expressing how much you care will mean a lot to the people who've supported you throughout life and especially on this important day.

Why Choose a Poem

A poem is a wonderful way to express feelings that you may not know how to put into words, which is often the case during a wedding and the wedding planning process. Instead of giving a wedding gift for parents, give them something from the heart. Poems are perfect for:

  • Telling your parents how much they mean to you
  • Allowing you to express feelings you cannot find the words to say aloud
  • Keeping your thank you gift costs low but keeping the sentiment behind them high
  • Giving to both parents as a unit, rather than trying to come up with separate father poems and mother poems

These poems are more than just thank you for coming poems from the bride and groom to their parents. The poems should express how the couple feels about their parents and thank them not only for help during the wedding, but also throughout their lives. It is appropriate to give a poem to both sets of parents, either the same poem or one specially crafted for each set.

Ways to Present Wedding Poems for Parents

The manner in which you present the wedding poems for parents depends on your and your parents' personalities. You may want to create a keepsake, give them a private card, or do it more publicly.


Give your parents a wonderful keepsake of the day by presenting them with a framed copy of the poem. Print off or write in calligraphy the poem on thick cardstock or scrapbooking paper. Then mat and frame the poem in a style that suits your parents' home. If you are unsure about what your parents would like, considering slipping the poem into a white wedding picture frame that they can keep a family picture from the wedding inside after photographs are developed.


Write the poem inside a thank you card. Give it to your parents the day before or morning of your wedding; giving it to them after the wedding rehearsal dinner is also appropriate. If you want, you could also include the wedding poems for parents inside a card sent during the honeymoon or while you are writing the rest of your thank you cards.

Giving your parents the poem in a card allows you to write a more personal, heartfelt message within the poem. Knowing that only your parents and you know what it says will free you to write whatever you are feeling at the moment.

Wedding Program

Printing the poem on the back of the wedding program is a wonderful way to publicly acknowledge your parents for everything they have done. Couples often write words of thanks to their parents, attendants, guests, and others who have helped them out. Choose a poem that applies to both sets of parents to avoid getting too wordy in the program, and keep it fairly short so that you have room for other pertinent information.

Ideas for Parent Poems

Look for ideas for parent poems in your favorite poetry books or music. You can write your own poems, using whatever form of poetry you are comfortable writing. Personally written poems will mean the most, but not everyone is a writer. In that case, looks for a poem that expresses your feelings. Try visiting these websites for ideas:

Choosing a wedding poem for parents is a wonderful way to express how you feel to both sets of parents on your wedding day. It can be hard to say the actual words, so present a poem in the form of a keepsake, in a card or in your program for a memorable and touching gift.

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Wedding Poems for Parents