Tips from a Wedding Planner on Planning the Perfect Wedding

Christy Bareijsza. Image credit: Jason Groupp
Christy Bareijsza. Image credit: Jason Groupp

Wedding planning tips can help brides create their dream day with ease. Too often wedding planning is an experience wrought with frustrations and anxieties, but it doesn't have to be that way. Working with a wedding planner to fine tune all the details of the big day can make the process easier for many brides, especially those who are strapped for time.

Christy Bareijsza, President of The Red Carpet Events and one of the Metro NY area's top event planners, spoke with LoveToKnow to give brides tips on wedding planning and working with a wedding planner in this special interview.

About Christy Bareijsza

LoveToKnow (LTK): Christy, you have an impressive background in the event planning industry and are currently CEO of The Red Carpet Events. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to work in this industry?

Christy Bareijsza (CB): My inspiration to establish this company was when I was attending a wedding at the Cuisinart Resort & Spa in Anguilla, British West Indies and realized I should take my corporate experience as the Vice President of Meetings and Conferences and focus my energies more on building my own brand to create unique and breathtaking special events.

Working with a Wedding Planner

LTK: Many brides are overwhelmed with all the details of their weddings, and what should be a happy and exciting time becomes filled with stress and frustration. Please tell us a little bit about why choosing professional wedding coordination can really make a difference for the bride and groom.

CB: A wedding planner specifically works for the Bride and Groom, not the venue and suppliers. A couple truly needs an impartial expert to guide them through the planning process to ensure they are receiving the best experience with an ease of mind.

Wedding Planning Tips for Your Perfect Day

LTK: Theme weddings are increasing in popularity, and many couples relish the thought of incorporating a theme into their wedding that showcases their personalities and interests. Do you have any tips for those couples interested in a theme wedding?

CB: Using a favorite fashion item, piece of artwork, or song can be ideal to inspire a unique wedding theme. A wedding planner can also assist with their expertise in elevating the inspiration into a reality through creative and thought-provoking decor for a fabulously tailored event.

LTK: Some couples have only a vague idea of what they want their dream wedding to be like. What recommendations do you have for couples to make their weddings personalized and unique?

CB: Upon my first meeting with each couple, I have them create a three-part list with the following columns; "What I Would Love to Have at My Wedding, What I Would Like to Have, and What I Don't Care About." Within those three columns, I'm able to strategically review with the couple all the details down to the icing on the cake and really understand their main priorities and how we can tailor their event to perfection.

Trends, a Special Venue, and Final Tips

LTK: Do you foresee any new trends for the coming wedding season?

CB: The most prominent trend is using color as a theme. Many couples are still hindered by the down economy, so their ability to utilize a hue(s) as an inspiration has become the newest trend since it can accommodate any budget.

LTK: The Red Carpet Events offers a variety of wedding venues. What is the most unique venue you've coordinated a wedding at?

CB: A 13th Century Castle in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

LTK: Any final wedding planning tips for brides?

CB: A good relationship extends more than just the marriage; a couple should take advantage of the relationships a wedding planner can provide. Often the pre-existing planner's relationships will allow the bride and groom to have an advantage in negotiated vendor pricing and concessions.

More About The Red Carpet Events

The Red Carpet Events specializes in wedding and special event planning, corporate events, and site research and venue consultation. Ranked one of the Top 25 Event Planning firms by NJ Biz, the company offers both full wedding planning packages and a "day of" wedding consultation package. For more information, contact The Red Carpet Events via their website at by phone at 973-632-9291 or via the web at

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Tips from a Wedding Planner on Planning the Perfect Wedding