Printable Wedding Planning Timeline

Stay organized for easy planning.

A wedding planning timeline that is printable will keep you on schedule. Bridal couples who plan their weddings from beginning to end may find a printable timeline their most valuable nuptial tool.

Using a Planning Timeline

Using a wedding planning timeline is relatively simple. LoveToKnow's printable timeline has blank lines that allow you to customize your timeline for your own wedding.

A timeline is not as thorough as a complete wedding planning guide, but it is a good general place to start. In fact, you can even cut up a timeline and tape it to your calendar month-by-month, so you don't forget anything.

LoveToKnow's Wedding Planner Timeline (click to access printable PDF)

For a slightly different take on what should be included in the timeline, read Wedding Planning Timeline.

Benefits of Wedding Timelines

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A wedding timeline is a big help when couples are planning their own wedding. The large planning guide books in a store may overwhelm couples, but not having anything organized can create chaos on the wedding day.

A timeline also helps brides and grooms prioritize the steps in planning a wedding properly. While many excited brides want to start looking for their wedding gown the minute after the question is popped, a better idea is to start scouting ceremony and reception locations first. Gowns are always available, but your dream location may be booked up to a year in advance.

Planning checklists and timelines can also help those who have volunteered to assist couples with their planning. For example, if your mom or mother-in-law offers to take care of something, you can easily scan your timeline and see what they can help with in the immediate future.

Planning Makes Perfect

While even the best laid plans can result in a wedding oops, chances are, the better you plan, the less likely one will happen. Staying on top of your plans and keeping organized are sure to benefit you on the wedding day itself.

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Printable Wedding Planning Timeline