Gift Baskets for the Wedding Party

A fruit gift basket for wedding party members

Wow your wedding party by giving them personalized gift baskets. Whether you create the gift baskets yourself or choose wonderful offerings from a gift basket company, this wedding party gift is a memorable way to say thank you.

Creating Themed Baskets for the Wedding Party

Many of the gift basket ideas below can be put together for do-it-yourselfers, but even those without the time or inclination to make a basket can create themed, personalized baskets with a few easy touches. Turn any gift basket into the perfect gift for your wedding party by:

  • Including ribbon, tissue, or other décor in your wedding colors.
  • Including a personalized note, card, or letter about how much their involvement in the wedding means.
  • Include a frame for a photo of the wedding party.
  • Include an item that is personalized with their name or role in the wedding party, such as groomsmen keychains or t-shirts or bridesmaid slippers or tote bags.
  • Include small items, decor, or charms that relate directly to the wedding theme.

You can purchase a gift basket from virtually any gift basket retailer, and many honor requests for certain colors, personal messages, or customization for your wedding theme (additional fees may apply).

Ideas for Wedding Party Gift Baskets

Many couples may choose to present attendants with similar baskets, while others may choose a basket personalized specifically for each attendant. Either choice can be made, as long as the baskets all express your gratitude. Following are just a few of the gift basket ideas for wedding party members.

Bridesmaids and Maid or Matrons of Honor

A pretty pink spa basket for the bridesmaids

Giving the members of the bridal party a gift basket is sure to be a welcome treat. Baskets pertaining to the wedding are a good choice, as it will be lovely and have a special function for bridesmaids and the maid or matron of honor. Ideas might be:

  • Beauty Basket: Include a wedding day beauty basket for your female attendants, with things such as travel size hair spray, a small mirror, a cosmetic bag in your wedding colors, and other essentials they might need to look their best for the upcoming wedding.
  • Spa Baskets: Weddings can be stressful for the wedding party as well as for the bride and groom, and a spa basket with items for a manicure or pedicure, facial, or other beauty treatments will be a wonderful way to thank and distress the women in your party.
  • Memory Baskets: If your attendants are close friends or family, a memory basket can be very appropriate. You can include photo-related gifts such as a photo mug and keychain with pictures of the two of you in the past and a small album or frame for wedding pictures. Be sure to include a special letter or note about your relationship and best memories together.
  • Jewelry Baskets: A traditional gift for bridesmaids is the jewelry they will wear at the wedding. To make this into a contemporary basket, include the jewelry along with a personalized jewelry box, some jewelry cleaner, and a pretty touch such as a candle.

Gift Baskets for Groomsmen

Wedding party gift baskets can also be great tokens for male attendants. Although the choice will obviously depend on the interests of the men involved, a few ideas that are commonly well-received for groomsmen gift ideas include:

  • Sports Snack Basket: Include chips, salsas, or other non-perishable snacks enjoyed during the big games along with a few bottles of good beer for a gift that's sure to be eaten up.
  • Golf Baskets: Many men enjoy golf and if the men in the wedding party are among them, a golf gift basket might be the perfect choice. Items might include a golf balls, club cleaner, a repair kit, and gold-themed snacks or treats.
  • Business Basket: A personalized groomsman gift paperweight, new pens, and a personalized note pad are a few of the items that can go into a business or desk basket for hardworking male members of the wedding party.
  • Fishing Fun: If any of the men in the wedding party are most at home outdoors, a fishing basket may work well with lures, a cooler cup or insulated mug, and snacks.

More Basket Ideas

Gift tote with items for a beach wedding

There are also a number of gift baskets that can be given to either gender. These include baskets based on:

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Cheese/Crackers/Sausage
  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Jam/Jellies
  • Barbecue/Sauces
  • Cookie Baskets/Bouquets
  • Movie Night Baskets

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Gift Baskets

You don't want to forget the littlest members of the wedding party when it comes time to give a gift! Select a child-appropriate version of an older attendants' basket for flower girls and ring bearers -- such as a pretend makeup kit, mini hairbrush, and play jewelry for a flower girl or a youth sports basket for the ring bearer. Other gift baskets for the youngest attendants include arts or crafts baskets, an assortment of small toys or stuffed animals, a basket of snacks or treats, a basket of travel-sized games, or an assortment of age-appropriate reading material for a book basket.

Whatever you decide to choose for your wedding party gift baskets, include a bit of personalization, link it to the wedding theme, and allow it to express your sincere appreciation for a gift that won't quickly be forgotten.

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