Wedding Bloopers

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Bloopers during a wedding ceremony need not ruin this important day. Sometimes, even the best made plans go awry. Lessen the chances of an oops during your wedding by planning ahead.

Common Wedding Oops Moments

To avoid common wedding day oops moments, use these wedding planning tips for the following situations.

Nerve Oops

Nerves are one of the most common problems at a wedding, and it's not just the bride and groom who are anxious. Parents and attendants also get nervous during photographs, standing at the front of the ceremony or giving a wedding speech. Try these tips to help calm nerves and avoid an oops:

  • Keep facial tissue on hand for watery eyes and sweating brows.
  • Wear plenty of antiperspirant if you sweat when nervous.
  • Walk slowly and carefully down the aisle, which also helps prevent tripping.
  • Concentrate on what the officiate is saying, not on all of the people looking at you.
  • Do not lock your knees, which can cause fainting.
  • Have an index card with notes for personalized vows or while giving a wedding toast.

Attire and Personal Care Problems

Attire mishaps are easily avoided with just a few precautions:

  • Men should have a tailor take accurate measurements for wedding tuxedos and then try the tuxedo on at the shop before taking it home.
  • Ladies need to try on their dresses upon arrival and schedule fittings and alterations as necessary.
  • Keep all clothing hanging in zippered garment bags until it is time to wear them.
  • Have stain removal wipes handy throughout the day.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything messy or in dark colors until after the wedding ceremony and photographs.

The week of the wedding is not the time for men or women to try out new hairstyles or skin care regimes. Get a trim or color touch-up 10 to 14 days before the wedding and stick to a tried-and-true skincare routine. Use a spot treatment and cover-up to treat a blemish, and remember that many photographers can edit out major flaws.

Vendor Mishaps

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Worrying about the vendors is stressful for many brides. Crashing wedding cakes and lost photographers are a common worry for couples who are planning their wedding. Follow these tips when dealing with wedding vendors:

  • Before signing a vendor contract, make sure everything is correct. Look over more than just the price and inclusions - double check that the date, venue, address and time are correct, too. Save a copy in a safe place.
  • As the wedding date draws near, get samples for approval from vendors. Ask that you be contacted to approve a mock bridal bouquet, centerpiece, wedding cake design sketch and menu tasting from those vendors.
  • Call the vendors three days before the wedding to confirm the details and go over any questions they may have.
  • Give vendors a cell phone number of someone who will be available on the wedding day for any questions or problems. For couples without a coordinator, this might be the father of the bride, father of the groom, trusted relative, or friend.

Make sure the venue and other vendors have appropriate items that work in cohesion with everyone else. For example, a flimsy card table from the rental hall may not hold a six-tier wedding cake. Instead, bring in a sturdier table. If lighting is dim, make sure the photographer knows to bring additional spotlights.

Make a Wedding List and Check It Twice

Lack of organization is a frequent cause of wedding mishaps. A simple way to stay organized is to have a wedding planning checklist that lists everything that needs to be done, purchased, made or contacted before the big day. Help your bridal party out by giving them a list that focuses on their particular roles in the wedding, too.

Brides and grooms with hectic schedules may find themselves hiring a wedding planner to take care of the small details. If you cannot afford a coordinator, look for a good wedding planning guide to assist you in the details of planning your own wedding.

Have a Secondary Plan

A secondary back-up plan is essential for overcoming any major wedding oops. Wet weddings are a common worry for brides who plan outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Have a tent rental reserved just in case the forecast is for clouds or even excessive heat or extreme cold.

Small mishaps are easily remedied if you come prepared. Pack a wedding day survival kit that includes items like aspirin, wet wipes, safety pins and more. These kits can be packed yourself or purchased through a wedding retailer.

Finally, remember that no matter what wedding oops occur on your day, it is still your wedding day. Instead of stressing, do the best for the situation and move on to make more wonderful memories with family and friends.

Stay Blooper Free on Your Big Day

While some bloopers and big oopsie moments can't be avoided, you can minimize them with planning. Check in frequently with vendors and bridal party members, and take a moment for yourself in order to stay calm.

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Wedding Bloopers