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A newsletter about your wedding is a great way to keep family and friends apprised of your plans. Many couples find a newsletter is easier than individual updates. A few tips can help you decide what to include.

Reasons to Send Newsletters

There are many reasons to send out a newsletter to your wedding guests. If you're planning a destination wedding, have a full itinerary of activities planned or need to update everyone on all the latest information, a newsletter is a great way to do it.

Destination Weddings

Newsletters are especially helpful for those planning a destination wedding. Through their newsletter, you can update guests on the best places to stay, restaurants and things to do while they're in the area. If you've blocked hotel rooms or airline space for the guests, include the details in the newsletter.


With a wedding timeline, guests won't need to call with questions; they'll all be answered in the newsletter. Where and when is the rehearsal dinner? What will everyone do in the time between the wedding and the reception? Is there a nice place nearby where guests can meet for drinks after the wedding and continue the festivities? Make sure you cover the who, what, and when in the newsletter so everyone has it on hand before they arrive at the wedding.


The questions are endless. Have you chosen your flowers? Did you pick a photographer? What kind of wedding dress did you choose? By listing all of your pre-wedding festivities in your newsletter, you can eliminate the need for all of the questions.

What to Include in Newsletters

What can you put in your newsletter?

  • News of your engagement
  • Your chosen wedding date
  • Your choice of venue
  • Accommodation information for out of town guests
  • Area restaurants, museums and historic points of interest
  • Gift registry information
  • Announcement of bridal party
  • Dress code for your wedding

An informative newsletter eliminates all of those phone calls and emails, and the time saved can be spent planning the wedding.

Family and Wedding Party Information

Wedding newsletters can have a special section for family members and members of the wedding party. Is everyone meeting to choose dresses? This can be listed in the newsletter. Will there be a bachelor party? These details can also be included. However, you may want to consider putting this information in a special insert, so the rest of your guests don't get confused.

Types of Wedding Newsletters

If you don't want to spend the time maintaining a wedding website, a newsletter is a great alternative. There are two types of newsletters: those mailed via the postal service and those electronically mailed with your email account. Choose one form to make it easier for you, or pick and choose who gets which type. For example, Great-Aunt Susan may prefer a mailed version, while your former college roommate might want one sent via email.

Periodic Mailings

By periodically mailing or emailing wedding updates in a newsletter format, you can detail all aspects of the wedding planning in an easy-to-read format that can be quickly tossed into a purse or hung on a refrigerator. The mailed versions will cost postage, so keep that in mind when budgeting for the wedding.

Electronic Mailings

Sending newsletters over email is relatively easy. Everyone on your guest list may not have email addresses, but the majority of guests will. This can save you time and the money involved with printing out and buying stamps and envelopes for your newsletter. Email newsletters can be simple letters containing important information, or they can be more elaborate documents you attach to your emails. Emailing also makes it easier for you to send photos, such as engagement pictures, to your guests.

Newsletter Templates

Having a template to use when designing your newsletter can make the design process easier. This can also make your newsletter look more polished and professional. Luckily, finding quality newsletter templates is relatively easy. Websites such as SmileBox and Letter Pop have numerous free templates that would be perfect for a wedding newsletter. Or use a blank wedding background to create your own design. You can safely download these templates off line and easily plug in your own pictures and information. These templates can work both for printed and online newsletters.

Staying on Track for Your Big Day

When it comes to your big day, your guests aren't the only ones who need a newsletter to keep them on track. Many brides also benefit from receiving newsletters that help them stay focused and on top of the planning process.

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