Wedding Napkins

Wedding Napkin

Napkins for weddings are used for a variety of nuptial activities, such as engagement parties, showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and wedding receptions. Select napkins that tie your wedding theme and colors together. Paper napkins may feature custom designs and special lettering. If you prefer cloth napkins, discover the cheapest way to provide these to your wedding guests.

Wedding Napkin Designs

Purchasing napkins with a unique touch involves more than a quick stop at the local party store. You want your napkins to reflect your theme and fit with your décor. Matching them to your cake topper or invitations is a great place to start. Designs commonly found on wedding napkins include:

  • Doves
  • Wedding bells
  • Rings
  • Hearts
  • Flowers
  • Champagne flutes
  • Cake
  • Scrollwork
  • Crosses
  • Monograms

Designs that fit into themes can also be used. Lots of contemporary weddings are themed. Consider using the following to fit into your themed wedding:

  • Precious Moments figures
  • Cowboy boots
  • Fruit
  • Glass slippers
  • Snowflakes
  • Sandals
  • Sports
  • Musical notes

If you have chosen to create original artwork for your wedding, you may want to place that on your napkins. However, you may have to take your design to a local print or graphics company. A larger charge is often incurred for napkins with original designs. Be sure to have a sample napkin done for your approval before a final printing.

Napkin Lettering and Color

You often have several options for the wording on your napkins. Most companies will offer several script or calligraphy designs along with a few plain block text options. Choose a design that matches the lettering on your invites or wedding programs.

Wedding napkins' lettering comes with a choice of ink as well. Because most dark colors (deep burgundy, navy, forest green) do not show black inkwell, consider getting your lettering done in foil. Gold or silver is appropriate. Foil lettering will cost slightly more than regular ink.

Light colored napkins often can support a wide range of ink colors. If you choose to only get one color of napkins for your wedding activities, you can save a lot of money by choosing a light color with darker lettering, as opposed to paying extra for foil on dark napkins.

Choosing napkins in at least two colors makes for a pretty display when fanned out on cake and buffet tables. Most couples choose to go with their main wedding color plus the accent color. They may also choose popular combinations like:

  • Black and white
  • Black and gold
  • Silver and black
  • Silver and gold
  • White and their main color
  • Black and their main color
  • Gold or silver with their main color

To save some additional money, consider getting only one color of napkin with a design and wording. Then use plain napkins you purchase at a discount or party supply store for the rest of the colors you want.

Places to Get Napkins

When you order your invitations, check to see if you get a discount on accessories like napkins. Bridal dress shops often have these services. Local graphics design studios and printing/publishing companies may also offer wedding napkins. Finally, you can order your napkins online through the following retailers:

"It's all in the details" certainly fits when it comes to choosing wedding napkins. A little extra planning goes a long way in tying together your wedding elements.

Cloth Napkins

Dinner napkins for formal, sit-down wedding receptions are often cloth. Purchasing your own cloth napkins can cost a significant amount of money. For small weddings, getting cloth or linen napkins embroidered may make a wonderful keepsake or favor.

However, buying cloth napkins for a wedding of over 100 guests can be extremely cost prohibitive. Renting cloth napkins can be an option. Caterers might provide this service, or you can check with your vendor from whom you rented other items (like chairs or dinnerware). Even if the rental price sounds like a deal, be sure to find out if there is a laundry services fee for cleaning the napkins after the reception. You may not be able to launder them yourself.

Reception sites that offer dinner through their own kitchen and dining hall may offer their own napkins included in the price per plate or rental fee for the hall. Be sure to check on this option if having formal cloth napkins is an important detail for your wedding.

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