Wedding Lights Gallery

A dramatically-lighted wedding head table
Dramatic lighting enhances the head table.

A gallery featuring different wedding lights is a great reference for couples. They can use this collection of wedding light designs to select the lighting for their wedding ceremony and reception.

About Wedding Lighting

Couples often spend months planning every detail of their wedding, from the exact colors for the bridal party dresses and the font on the wedding invitations to the filling of the wedding cake and the music played as they enter the reception, but a surprising number of couples never realize they should also plan the appropriate wedding lights. Without the proper light, pictures may not turn out as well, the details of the floral centerpieces and wedding gown lace may be missed, and the happy couple won't clearly see the smiling faces of their friends and family members. Considerations to make when choosing wedding lighting include:

  • What lighting is already available at the location? Will it be enough or is supplemental lighting needed?
  • What mood do we want to set with the lighting? A party atmosphere of twinkle lights or a romantic setting of candles?
  • Is there adequate lighting near stairs, entrances, restrooms, and other facilities for safety?
  • Is the lighting safe around flammable plants, fabrics, and other decorations? Does the facility have restrictions on candles or other types of lighting?
  • Does the lighting match the event setting?
  • Is specialty lighting available for the first dance, cake cutting, and other events?

What Needs to be Lit

At different times during the wedding celebration, different lighting needs will be required. A couple should strive to find adequate lighting for all these locations and events, including:

  • Highlighting the head table and cake table at the reception.
  • Providing adequate light for photos as the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Properly lighting the altar where the ceremony will take place.
  • Dance floor, buffet table, and other guest-centered lighting.
  • Adequate lighting at guest tables to encourage a congenial atmosphere.
  • Adding mood lighting touches to coordinate the entire location.
  • Spotlights for the first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, and other events.

Wedding Light Photos

The pictures below are samples of different wedding lights options. Click on each picture to be taken to related articles with additional information.

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Wedding Lights Gallery