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Request samples of wedding invitations to help you decide on the perfect invitation for your wedding. There are many components to most wedding invitations that a sample should include to give you an accurate idea what to expect when you order, such as card stock, embellishments and more.

Invitation Sample Elements

A wedding invitation is more than just a simple piece of paper. It sets the tone for the entire wedding. By the color and style, your guests will know whether they are attending a wedding done in green colors or a western wedding. Various elements (such as ribbons or embossing) can make the cost of even a cheap wedding invitation rise. Therefore, be sure to check out samples of each part of the invite you want to purchase.

Elements that may be available for sampling include:

  • Paper/cardstock
  • Envelopes
  • Overlays, tissues, or velum
  • Embellishments (tassels, bows, charms, flowers)
  • Ribbons
  • Fasteners

Additionally, samples of each part of the invitation should be requested if they are sold as a package. You want to be sure that the RSVP sample is just as high quality as the invite itself.

Request a Sample

Local retailers and printers may have samples available for you to look at in their shops. Often, wedding shops and salons will have sample books from companies they partner with for you to flip through. Some places may allow you to reserve or "rent" a book (usually for 24 hours) for a deposit fee that will be refunded when you return the book, while others only allow you to browse samples in the shop.

Online sellers are often happy to send you a sample or two of their actual invites. For the do it yourself wedding invitation, companies may send you a sample pack of various styles and colors of items. Internet retailers that offer samples include:

Be sure to read the information from each different retailer you request a sample from. Some have limits upon the number you can request, while others will charge a fee for single samples or sample packs.

Checking a Wedding Invitation Sample

When you receive the wedding invitation sample, you want to check it over carefully. Ask yourself the following questions about the invitation:

  • Is the design appropriate for my wedding theme?
  • Are the colors true to the order form/website?
  • Is the typeface clear and easy to read?
  • Are there any flaws in the paper?
  • Does the invitation put together easily? (assembly required invites)

You want to check out several printers/retailers before you decide upon a final wedding invitation design. Requesting samples and comparing them to each other can help narrow down the field of choices and help you resist making a regrettable snap decision.

Sample Invitation Proofs

Once you have decided on your invites, you want to request a sample of your personalized invitation, called a proof. Some companies will send a proof of the actual invite that has been printed, while others will email or photocopy the final design.

While getting a proof might cost a bit extra, it often is worth the cost. After all, a tiny mistake can turn into a big one, like if the printer misread a "6" for an "8." Check the invitation wording for misspellings. You can also use this time to correct any invitation etiquette faux pas that slipped by, such as using the wrong titles for parents.

The sample proof usually is sent within two to four weeks of ordering, depending on the date of the wedding. Often, the couple will need to let the printer know of any mistakes or corrections within several days, or the printer will consider the proof ready for processing.

Be sure to double check everything carefully, especially if you went with creative wording, as it may have been "corrected" by a well-meaning employee. Include a note, send an email, call or return the sample proof in person if you have any issues that need to be addressed in detail.

After you have returned the sample proof or the date has passed, you often will not have much recourse for correcting any mistakes that you overlooked. Most retailers will have you sign an agreement upon returning the proof that effectively states you have approved the order to be processed and the printer is not responsible for any resulting incorrect information, incorrect wording, or misspellings.

Requesting a wedding invitation sample is a smart way to make sure you get the best quality for your budget.

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