Wedding Guest List Worksheet

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A guest list worksheet is a planning tool for a wedding that busy couples will appreciate. This worksheet contains all the guest information needed for your wedding in one convenient document. Easy to access and use, a few helpful tips can get you started and reduce the stress of keeping up with this important part of your wedding.

Guest Worksheet Tool

A guest worksheet provides brides and grooms an easy way to track of their guest list and wedding invitation card information. Save worksheets to a home computer, keep them on a wedding website or print them off for easy transport.

Using a worksheet for guests makes it easier to create a main list. Email or print off a blank worksheet for parents, with the number of invitations/guests they are adding to the list. Have them fill out all of the pertinent information, such as address and number/names of children. Collect the information from both sets of parents and enter it into a master list.

Not only is a guest worksheet a tool for tracking invitations and RSVPs, it can also help couples organize bridal shower information, gifts, and wedding thank you notes. By simply adding a few extra columns, couples can make sure they have everything covered.

Keep an updated copy of the guest worksheet in a wedding planning binder. Take it along to vendor appointments, because the number of replies and amount of children could affect various decisions during the wedding planning process.

Create Wedding Guest List Worksheets

Couples can easily make wedding guest list tools in a spreadsheet or word processing document.

An example of information a couple might include on their worksheet:

Printable wedding guest list worksheet
Download the wedding guest list worksheet

Word Documents

A word document is better for smaller lists that contain mostly invitation and wedding RSVP details. People who prefer to handwrite their own guest notes might like to create a blank table with lines for them to fill in later. A short table made in word processing is a great tool for planning small weddings.


Spreadsheets offer a table format that makes it easy to tabulate "yes" and "no" RSVPs with a simple code, leave spaces to mark off whether a thank you has been sent, and are easy to read, sort, and expand. Add or delete entire columns as the wedding plans evolve.

For easy organization, create a spreadsheet that uses different font colors to make it easier to read. For example, if the RSVP list is the most important information, make that column red, with blue names and addresses. Long lists can be confusing to read if everything looks the same. Alphabetizing names and sorting by column (such as grouping all "yes" replies together) is easier if the worksheet is made in a spreadsheet format.

Worksheet Sources

Taking the time to make a wedding guest list worksheet may not be in a couple's best interest. Instead, find a source that offers a premade guest worksheet. Sources might include:

A simple internet search can also result in some helpful planning tools available for download. Try these guest list worksheets, found online:

Instead of hiring a wedding planner, couples can maintain control over their budget and ideas by accessing their inner wedding planner. Using tools like wedding guest list worksheets will help them plan and organize their wedding with less stress and more time left to write original wedding vows, plan their honeymoon, or simply enjoy this special time in their relationship.

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Wedding Guest List Worksheet