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Explore wedding gift baskets for a truly romantic present for a bridal couple. You can package household necessities in a design or order a wedding basket with whimsical gifts that symbolize the couple's love. A charming or sentimental gift basket is a perfect way to congratulate the happy couple.

Where to Find Gift Baskets

Many local florists and specialty food stores offer a selection of gift baskets. For the largest selection, browse the various merchants online that specialize in romantic baskets ideal for wedding gifts.

Gift Baskets Plus

Gift Baskets Plus features a variety of gourmet gift baskets for any occasion. The site offers romantic wedding options such as:

romance for two gift basket
Romance for two gift basket
  • Wedding Blish: This basket is priced under $60 and is filled with items such as wine biscuits, crackers, assorted truffles, bite size cookies, votive candles, chocolate body frosting, and a frosting paint brush. It also includes a gold picture frame and a book filled with loving thoughts.
  • Romance for Two Gift Basket: Priced around $108, this market-style basket includes massage oil, silk rose petals, votive tea light candles, champagne glasses, and sparkling cider. It also contains a romance CD, a book called The Lover's Guide, a chocolate cake, assorted chocolates and candies. The basket is finished with a romantic bow.

Adorable Gift Baskets

date night gift basket
Date Night Basket

Adorable Gift Baskets offer a selection of gift baskets filled with romantic items perfect for wedding gift giving. Some options include:

  • Date Night Basket: Priced under $100, this basket includes a decorative candle, pasta, wine, breadsticks, chocolate truffles, biscotti, and cookies. It is packaged in a white wicker basket and finished with a bow in romantic red and white.
  • Cherished Memories Wedding Basket: Priced around $130, this wicker basket is filled with gourmet treats such as caviar, crackers, rum cake, truffles, and cookies. It also includes scented candles and a wedding frame to hold a picture of the couple on their special day. The basket is accented with white silk roses, ivy, and a bow.

Romantic Gift Source

Romantic Gift Source has a large selection of gift baskets ideal for weddings, bridal showers, and honeymoons. Some options include:

  • Love and Romance: Priced around $125, this painted wicker basket contains two long stem rose chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut cluster, shortbread cookies, and dark chocolate squares. It also include a romantic music CD, sparkling white grape juice, candy tattoos, chocolate body powder, and flavored body paints. The basket is decorated with satin roses and a string of pearl beads.
  • Romantic Dinner For Two: Priced under $60, this affordable basket contains items for a romantic dinner at home. Find items such as smoked almonds, wheat wafers, cheese, pasta, mini breadsticks, and a bread dip mix in this basket. It also includes decadent desserts such as a dark chocolate bar, yogurt covered pretzels, and fudge-filled cookies.

Something Special Gift Baskets

Something Special Gift Baskets offers a range of elegant gift baskets perfect to give for a wedding. Options include:

  • Romantic Evening Basket: Priced under $60, this gold chest-style basket contains romantic candles, chocolate body frosting, and assorted cream-filled chocolates. It also includes a bottle of massage oil and The Wisdom of the Heart book.
  • To Have & To Hold Gift Basket: At almost $200, this basket has a wide range of items for a newlywed couple. It comes in an embossed copper tin and includes Champagne, Lindt and Godiva chocolates, and gourmet cheese spreads, crackers, and cookies.

Make Your Own Basket

You may want to make your own gift basket and tailor the contents to the couple getting married. Some popular items to include in the basket are:

  • A bottle of wine: Select a bottle that you know the couple will enjoy, or choose bubbling champagne for them to drink as they toast their new life together.
  • Candles: Choose a variety of small candles in romantic scents such as rose or lavender.
  • Chocolates: Include a selection of fine chocolates in fancy wrapping for a special touch.
  • Gift card: Place a gift card to a romantic restaurant or for a couple's massage in the basket.

Keep presentation in mind as you prepare the basket. Select a fancy basket for the items and wrap the basket in soft tulle, a big white ribbon, and some silk flowers to complete the look.

Personal Touch

A gift basket is a great option to give a newlywed couple. From baskets filled with gourmet foods, wines, and candy to ones with candles and romantic music CDs, there are options available to match any couple's personality and interests. For a wedding gift that will delight any couple, consider a gift basket filled with a variety of items that can be enjoyed after the big day has passed. Be sure to include a note or card so that the couple knows that you are the one giving the gift.

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