Wedding Favor Tags

wedding favor tags

Favor tags designed for a wedding add the perfect finishing touch to any wedding favor. You can purchase favor tags or make your own for a personalized flair your guests will appreciate.

Why Use Tags

Couples affix favor tags for a number of reasons. Adding a tag adds a special touch and enhances the overall appearance and presentation of the favor.

A personalized tag can be kept as a special memento of the wedding, perhaps used in a scrapbook alongside pictures from the wedding. For many favors, a tag also identifies exactly what the favor is -- for example, whether the favor is packets of coffee, tea, candies, potpourri, scented soaps, etc.

You can also choose a tag in keeping with your wedding theme that will be both a conversation piece and express your gratitude to your guests for coming.


Tags are commonly made from paper or heavy cardstock. This is usually the least inexpensive favor tag option, although cost may increase with embossing, special designs, etc. They can also be designed from:

  • Vellum
  • Specialty papers
  • Stiff cloth
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive backed paper, sticker, and labels
  • Specialty foils

Types of Favor Tags

The type tags you choose will be determined in part by your choice of favor. Small tins of candies, for example, might work well with a personalized label of sticker tag; a Chinese take out box or bagged favor might work best with a small hangtag.


One of the most popular tags are hangtags, they are very versatile and work with a wide variety of favors. These are typically hole-punched and affixed to the favor or favor package with silk ribbon, curling ribbon, perle-cotton string, lace, raffia, or some other type or string or ribbon.

Hangtags are open tags and come in a variety of shapes including rectangular, square, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, and circular. They can also be found in other unique forms that complement the wedding theme or décor, such as fall leaves, flowers, Christmas trees, and more.

These type of favor tags work especially well with bagged wedding favors, on the handles of pails, buckets, or Chinese takeout boxes and favors wrapped in tulle or organza.

Mini Cards

Mini cards are a great type of tag if you'd like to include more wording, as you can include wording on both the outside and inside of the card. Mini cards are often used in a similar manner as hangtags, with a hole-punched and secured with some type of ribbon.They can also be adhered to the outside of favor boxes or enveloped and slipped under the ribbon of a favor package.

Labels and Stickers

Label and sticker tags are other options that work well for many favors. The information is printed or written on an adhesive label and usually placed directly on the favor box or favor itself. Tags in the form of labels and stickers work well for many favors, such as:

  • Boxes or tins of candy
  • Jars of jam, honey, syrup
  • Small bottles of cooking or bath oil
  • Personalized music or picture CD's
  • Mini pails or jars containing nuts, bath salts, etc.
  • Mini champagne or wine glasses
  • Ballotin candy boxes
  • Glassine envelopes

Ribbon Tags

Ribbon tags work well for boxed or tinned items. It can also be used on candles and jarred items. A ribbon is printed with the desired wording and secured around the favor or favor box. Ribbon tags are often made from satin picot or paper ribbon, although they may also be available in other materials as well.


The wording of your wedding favor tags can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Some couples only wish to have a simple monogram of their initials, while others prefer to have their names, wedding date and location, and a message of thanks.

Other options for wording include a personalized wedding poem, a favorite quote or phrase, a special Bible or religious verse, or favorite song lyrics. Many favors also lend themselves to cute phrases, such as a heart shaped cookie cutter with a favor tag stating the couples names and 'cut out for love.'


Special lettering can add a beautiful touch to your wedding favor tags. You can choose scripted, fun, whimsical, or romantic fonts. You can also have the tags handwritten or written in calligraphy, although this typically takes either more expense or time.

Making Your Own Favor Tags

Even if you aren't the crafty type, it's easy to make your home wedding favor tags.

  • Choose a quality cardstock you like in your wedding colors.
  • Decide on the wording, phrasing, and font type you'd like to use.
  • Go online for wedding clipart and add an appropriate image.
  • Use the text box feature on Microsoft word to make multiple text boxes of your wording on a page.
  • Print on a laser or high quality printer.
  • Cut, hole punch, and affix to your favor.

There are also a number of a card programs and computer craft resources available today that can help you design the perfect favor.

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