Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding favor boxes

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, but you don't have to spend a lot of time searching for favor boxes. When you see the right style, you'll know it at a glance.

10 Great Boxes for Your Wedding Favors

There are so many designs available you're sure to find a set that matches your personal style as well as your wedding theme.

Dress and Tuxedo Boxes

These cardboard wedding dress and tuxedo favor boxes will draw instantly draw your guests' attention when they are seated at their tables, and they're perfect for an elegant theme wedding. They're made to fit two Ferrero Rocher candies, but you can fill them with whatever you like. Sold in sets of 100 and priced just under $12, these favors are adorable and economical.

Bride Gown and Groom Tuxedo Wedding Favor Boxes
Gown and tuxedo boxes

Snowflake Favor Boxes

If you're planning a winter wedding, the laser-cut snowflakes on these favor boxes will look lovely on your tables. They're made of cardboard, and they're the perfect size to hold a small votive candle or a piece of fine chocolate. You can purchase them in sets of 24, and the price ranges from $20 to $30 depending on where you purchase them.

Winter Dreams Snowflake Wedding Favor Boxes
Snowflake boxes

Rustic Favor Boxes

If you're having an outdoor wedding or holding your celebration someplace that has some rough-hewn charm, these rustic favor boxes go perfectly with your surroundings. Made from paper board with twine ties, the tops have a woodgrain print with a heart-shaped cut out. The bottoms are brown with Love printed on the side so it shows through the heart. The boxes come flat and will need to be folded into shape, and they'll hold a couple of chocolate kisses. They're sold in sets of 25 for around $12.

Rustic Wedding Favor Boxes
Rustic love boxes

Love Birds Boxes

Ideal for a spring wedding, these beautiful paper-cut boxes feature a pair of love birds surrounded by heart-shaped vines inside a bird cage. Since they're made of heavy paper, fill them with something light such as a small envelope with flower seeds or a small scoop of mints. You'll pay as little as $15 for a set of 60 or as much as $56 for a set of 120 depending on where you shop.

Bird Cage Wedding Favor Box
Bird cage box

Three Tier Wedding Cake Favor Kit

Possibly the most imaginative set of wedding favor boxes ever, 66 individual cardboard boxes fit together to form a 3-tier paper board cake and are large enough to hold a few Andes Mints. Each box is embossed with hearts, and the set comes with decorative ribbons for each tier as well as a floral topper. Just picture it sitting near your Champagne fountain or wedding card box. Priced around $30 for a set, you could even create a charming setting by arranging several sets together for a larger wedding.

3-Tier Wedding Favor Cake Kit
Three tier favor kit

Miniature Wedding Chair Boxes

These little chair favor boxes will look splendid with your table settings, and each one is large enough to hold a single bon bon or chocolate-covered cherry. Each box comes with a ribbon, a heart charm, and a vellum-strip place card. A set of 12 runs about $16, and you can also order single letter monogram stickers at a cost of $0.10 each when you purchase directly from Kate Aspen.

Miniature Wedding Chair Favor Boxes
Miniature chair favor boxes

Wilton Black Square Boxes

Basic black can be oh-so elegant, and you can easily customize the design by adding a satin ribbon in your wedding color. Each of these simple-yet-stylish little Wilton favor boxes will hold five to six Jordan almonds. A set of 100 runs just under $20.

Wilton Black Square Wedding Favor Boxes
Black square boxes

Carriage Favor Boxes

If you're having a fairytale-theme wedding, you deserve these whimsical carriage favor boxes. Each of these fold-together favor boxes has pretty pink drapes, and you can fill them with mints or other small candies. You can purchase a set of 24 for about $15 or a set of 30 for around $10 depending on where you shop.

Carriage Wedding Favor Box
Carriage favor box

Western-Style Pillow Favor Boxes

These plain brown pillow boxes with their dark brown ribbons say "Thank You From The Mr. & Mrs." Their rustic style is the perfect complement to any western or country theme wedding, and each box will hold five or six gold foil-wrapped chocolate balls. A package of 25 boxes runs anywhere from $16 to $21 depending on where you purchase them.

Western-Style Pillow Wedding Favor Boxes
Western pillow boxes

Vintage Floral Favor Boxes

If your wedding them is vintage chic, these cute little floral wedding favor boxes could be a terrific choice. The tops have a colorful floral print while the bottoms are solid brown, and each box is big enough to hold several Jordan almonds or a few gourmet chocolates. They're sold in sets of 24 and are priced around $15.

Floral Dreams Wedding Favor Boxes
Floral favor boxes

Favor Your Guests With Favors

Choosing wedding favor boxes may be a small part of your wedding preparations, but it's still a lot of fun. With so many gorgeous options, your guests are bound to appreciate your final choice as well as whatever little gift you tuck inside.

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Wedding Favor Boxes