Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

Beautiful gowns look great on every woman.
Beautiful gowns look great on every woman.

Older brides searching for wedding dresses want to find the perfect blend of age-appropriateness and ageless beauty. A few wedding gown guidelines can help an older bride make the right choice to show off her beauty on her special day!

The Right Dress at Any Age

Women should choose a dress that fits their personal style and attitude. Though some fashion etiquette mavens may disagree with older brides who follow trends or wear white, what really matters is whether the bride is happy with her choice. Personal stylists at local wedding shops are sure to have experience styling older brides in a dress that is both appealing and appropriate for their ages. Women who prefer to shop online may find these selections helpful in their search for a wedding gown:

  • Mori Lee's VM Collection offers stunning dresses in a variety of cuts, colors and styles to flatter any figure. The collection was "designed with the mature woman in mind," making it the perfect choice for an older woman who wants an elegant evening gown she can wear again.
  • Watters Special Occasion dresses are beautiful options for brides who want to wear a fancy evening suit or similarly styled gown to their weddings.
  • Jordan's Caterina line is filled with dresses for any bride who doesn't want a traditional white wedding gown. Many come in pale ivory, beige and pastel colors, along with some beautiful jewel tones.
  • The Destiny Colleciton by Impression Bridal is the perfect choice for a mature women who wants a traditional white wedding dress without all the frills. This casual destination collection offers simple yet pretty options for an older bride.
  • Demetrios's Ultra Sophisticates is a classy and modern collection of wedding gowns. Fashionistas of any age would look exquisite in these gowns.

Mature Bridal Style

Traditionally, women who are above a "certain age" wear a skirt or pantsuit in cream, beige or ivory to their wedding. While it is perfectly acceptable to wear an outfit like this, mature brides should not feel like they must wear a suit. There are lots of options for older women that go beyond a suit in both color and length.


Today virtually anything goes. Vibrant colors like purple and red make a stunning statement. Pastel colors like mint or pink often complement older women. Patterned dresses can be as elegant as plain ones and are useful for other occasions after the wedding.

Dark colored accents can look stunning on a white or cream dress, like deep burgundy against white or navy with cream. However, dark colors and black wedding dresses do have a tendency to look harsh on some women as they get older.



The length of the wedding gown is entirely up to the bride. Some women prefer to go with tea length wedding dresses in the spring, summer, or fall. Ankle-length dresses are easy to walk in and are appropriate all year long.

Stylish Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

A wonderful wedding gown is one that is not only appropriate for a bride's age, but one that also honors her personal style preferences.

Flattering Fits

All brides should look for a dress style that fits and flatters their bodies. A woman who usually wears closely cut shirts and pants may want a dress that skims her body, while women who like a looser fit may want to wear empire-waist or a-line dresses.

Play Up Personal Style

Just because a woman is of a certain age does not mean she cannot look beautiful and sexy on her wedding day. Older brides can wear sleeveless and strapless dresses, too. Play up your personal style and physical attributes with your wedding dress.

First and Second Time Brides

Women who are getting married at a later point in their lives may feel pressured to buy a simple, unadorned dress. Just because you did not meet your white knight in your twenties or thirties does not mean you cannot have a fairytale wedding dress. Cinderella wedding gowns are the perfect choice for any couple who is celebrating their "happily ever after."

Alternatively, older brides looking for a second wedding dress may want something that is the complete opposite of their first gown. Perhaps they eloped in a simple white summer dress and now want a ball gown. Maybe they had their traditional wedding the first time and are now opting to have a fantasy wedding, complete with themed wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Tips

Wedding dress tips help any bride who is in need of guidance on her special day. Modern fashion and cultural trends often clash with traditional wedding etiquette, making it hard for older brides to choose their perfect dress. Keep these tips in mind while searching for a gown:

  • Bring along a couple of friends to get honest opinions. When it comes to the wedding dress, you want to choose someone who will be honest.
  • Don't shop for your age, but shop for your body. Look for dresses that show off your assets and cover any figure flaws.
  • Choose a modest wedding dress if you have figure flaws you want to hide. High boat-style necklines can hide collarbones and long illusion sleeves can help cover arms.
  • The general fashion trend rule of "if you wore it the first time around, skip it now" applies to wedding dresses, too. Avoid wearing a vintage wedding dress if you are old enough to have worn it during that particular era.

Elegant Gowns for Elegant Women

Once you get started looking, you may be surprised at the large selection of wedding dresses for older brides. No longer are they limited to business suits or mother of the bride dresses; now, designers offer dresses in such a wide range of styles, a woman of of any age can wear one and feel beautiful on her wedding day.

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Wedding Dresses for Older Brides