What to Include In Programs for Wedding Ceremonies

wedding ceremony programs

Deciding what to include when creating programs for wedding ceremonies is simple. You want to include helpful information for the guests. That doesn't mean the wedding program has to be boring! Funny or romantic, formal or informal, the program design for the wedding ceremony should represent the couple and portray the wedding theme.

What Goes In Wedding Programs

The programs that you hand out to your guests should cover a few basic things.

Ceremony Outline

Provide details about the ceremony itself. In what order are things happening and who is officiating? This outline is especially helpful for those who may not follow the same faith or traditions as you, and need a little extra boost of information to not get lost in translation. If you are traditionally Catholic but you are inviting Jewish or Muslim friends, the ceremony notes will really help them to enjoy and embrace your special day, rather than being unfamiliar and confused with what is going on.

Bridal Party Information

Many couples like to include information about the bridal party. Some list names of the attendants, while others take advantage of the chance to share their love of these people with their guests. Special little "bios" can be written about each attendant, and many brides write personal notes thanking their bridesmaids and showing how much they mean to her through the ceremony program. Most of us appreciate recognition when we work hard at something, and your attendants will have worked very hard for you. Consider recognizing them in this special way.

Reception Details

The wedding ceremony programs can also be used to convey information to guests regarding the following reception. You can print maps, driving directions, or a venue address in your programs to help people get there quickly and safely. If you have a guest book for people to sign on their way out, or perhaps a photo mat or card table, you can direct your friends & family toward these through information in the wedding ceremony program as well.

Additional Items to Consider

Engagement pictures are also popular finds on wedding ceremony programs. Many use them to decorate the program's pages and to draw attention to their new address or other information that they want guests to take note of. Favorite quotes or bible scriptures are also popular with a lot of couples. The ideas for wedding programs are as unlimited as your imagination.

Design Details

Just because your wedding programs have to be informative and formal doesn't mean that they can't still be fun. Many couples print out their programs to match their wedding colors, and others add charms, ribbon, and embossments to the program itself to enhance a theme or express a special interest or story shared between the couple. Browse wedding program templates to get ideas.

A Little Help Please!

Some couples create their own wedding programs with the help of a home computer printer and some imagination. However others tend to outsource and leave it to the professionals. Copy houses such as Kinko's and Office Depot are great for helping you design and reproduce enough wedding ceremony programs for all of your guests. And some Internet sites and stationery stores will do all of the work for you.

There is no shame in leaving the duties to a professional if you are pressed for time or have a lot of other planning left to do. Professionals usually do a bang up job that you will be more than pleased with, so if you can afford it, professional wedding ceremony programs may be the way to go.

Meaningful Memories

Remember that your wedding ceremony programs will serve as "souvenirs" for both you and your guests long after your wedding has passed. Your bridesmaids will keep them so they can always go back to your special message, and you may find you want to hang on to a couple copies yourself for scrapbooking or to pass on as an example/template to future brides in your life. This is why it is of the utmost importance to make your wedding ceremony programs everything that you dreamed. So take the time to truly make them special. You won't regret it.

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What to Include In Programs for Wedding Ceremonies