Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

Get Creative

Ideas for special wedding centerpieces should include a personal touch to reflect the bridal couple. Whether it's an ultra-formal reception or a casual backyard affair, centerpieces need to complement your wedding theme.

Consider combining flowers with other unexpected elements, such as stones, for a pretty but unusual twist.

Dramatic Statement

For dramatic flair, choose centerpieces with added height. Tall vases and large, eye-catching blooms and greenery make a picture-perfect display that is both unusual and elegant. This option works especially well with reception venues that have cathedral or high ceilings.

Edible and Beautiful

Treat your guests to a double duty display that combines a delicious confection and a delight for the eye. Pair pretty, tiered dessert stands with candy, fruit, appetizers, or other mouth-watering edibles that are decorative, yet can be consumed before or during the meal.

Edible centerpieces can be kept simple or can be much more elaborate, with anything from carved fruit to detailed hors d'oeuvres.

Eco-Friendly Display

Go green (and save money) by using natural materials to create wedding centerpieces. Many items, such as pinecones, sea shells, dried wildflowers or other plants, and branches can all be arranged in beautiful ways for earth-friendly centerpieces. Add additional elements to create a look that fits your wedding.

An easy idea is to create a grouping of river stones set off by simple candles and sparkling cut crystals. This lends an earthy and yet sophisticated feel to the wedding table.


Topiaries can be ordered or done as a do-it-yourself project for the crafty bride. Topiaries can be a variety of shapes and can be crafted from real or faux flowers in the wedding colors.

To make an even more memorable statement with your topiary centerpieces, use a monochromatic table setting that allows the colors to really pop.

Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Keep your wedding theme going with coordinating table decorations. Bridal stores often carry centerpieces designed for various wedding themes. You can also browse department stores or craft shops for items that will complement your theme.

Use an item that hints at your theme, but keep it subtle to retain sophistication.

Pretty and Practical

Consider using items that will be attractive during the reception and also have a practical use later. This double-duty approach is great for couples who don't want to spend money on decor that will only be stored away with the wedding memorabilia.

Place pretty but functional items, such as glass ornaments, that relate to your wedding theme in tall wineglasses for a simple but beautiful look.

Fresh Approach to Florals

Floral centerpieces have long been a popular concept for weddings. For a fresh approach, consider using unique containers, such as the vintage glass bottles shown here, to showcase single stems or flower arrangements. Just be sure the containers you choose match the overall feel and formality of your wedding.

Creative Candles

Candles are another classic centerpiece idea. Liven up this idea by creating candle groupings of various heights, using candles made from unusual materials, or combining them with unexpected elements.

Favor Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Another way to eliminate storing centerpieces after the wedding is to artfully arrange wedding favors in the center of tables. Pretty favor boxes in your wedding colors are a lovely accent to the table and can be stunning when arranged in a tower or stack as a centerpiece.

Centerpieces make beautiful table decorations for weddings. Considering new ideas or fresh takes on classic centerpieces can help you create wedding tables that are not only gorgeous, but reflect your wedding theme in a unique and personal way.

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Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces