Poems for a Wedding Candy Buffet

Red candies in jar at wedding reception

A wedding candy buffet is only complete when you add a few poems for letting guests know to sample these delectable treats. Choose from a few poem examples or write your own for the candy buffet.

Poem Examples

While many candy poems are displayed on the buffet table, you can also print them in the wedding reception program or menu. Though most poems are simply an invitation for guests to enjoy the candy bar for the wedding reception, couples that are more creative might write individual poems or couplets that describe each type of candy available. Place the poem in a clear plastic frame next on both ends of the table, and even in the center of the table, if your buffet is long.

Sample 1

Because our day has been so sweet,
We ask that you please take a treat.
Help yourself to a favor of candy-
Try them all, they taste just dandy!

Sample 2

On the day we said "I do"
We'd like to share our favorite chocolate dishes
Take some home with Sara and Sam's best wishes
For it's our way of saying "Thank you!"


Sample 3

The Smiths are sharing their candy
And have left some boxes quite handy
Snag your favorites real fast
The best are not likely to last
For they are all deliciously dandy!

Sample 4

We'd like to share some love
With our guests who are over and above
Enjoy the wedding candy selection
Remember, you are all our beloved.

Sample 5

Give yourself a heaping spoonful
And partake in the sweet candy buffet
It's our way to say thank you
On our bright and glorious wedding day.

More Poem Ideas

Poems are difficult to write if you are not a wordsmith. To get started on your wedding candy buffet poem, do the following brainstorming activities and follow this advice on writing poetry:

  • Come up with word pairs that rhyme for use in your poem, like do/you, day/stay, candy/handy.
  • Research into types of rhyme schemes to help you write a poem with flow.
  • Try writing different kinds of poems, even haiku.
  • Keep in mind some basic rules for writing poetry.

Remember that your wedding day is one filled with fun festivities. If you are getting stressed trying to write a complete poem for your candy buffet at the reception, try writing a simple verse that does not rhyme but still gets the point across to your guests. The following lines might help you out:

  • Life is sweet and so are you, so try some candy on the day the Smiths said "I do."
  • Dig right into the delicious candy, compliments of Sara and John!
  • Take a little bit of sweet love home with you.
  • Try a few tasty treats because you're all so sweet!
  • Help yourself to the homemade goodies, made with love by Sara's aunt Elizabeth Johnson.

Fun and Tasty Treats

A wedding reception candy buffet is a great way to treat guests, both young and old. Choose your favorites or look for candies that match your wedding color scheme. Add a short wedding candy buffet poem to let guests know they can satisfy their sweet tooth all night long, and you'll be sure to have all your guests enjoy these tasty treats.

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Poems for a Wedding Candy Buffet