Wedding Cake with Orange Cream

Orange chocolate cake

An orange cream wedding cake is an exciting alternative to a standard white wedding cake. A wide range of recipes and creative design ideas are available for this cake. The delicious flavor of orange cream guarantees your wedding cake to be extra special.

Choosing an Orange Cream Cake

There are a number of different reasons couples might choose an orange cream wedding cake. It is more unusual than standard wedding cakes, and will be a great conversation piece as well as a focal point of the reception. For a summer wedding, an orange and cream confection is reminiscent of the beloved orange creamsicle and will be whimsical and welcome dessert. Perhaps one or both individuals have cake with orange cream as a personal favorite, or maybe there is a family recipe or tradition they'd like to preserve. Whatever reason you choose this type of cake, you have plenty options for a one of a kind cake that will be as delicious and memorable as your day itself.

Ideas for a Wedding Cake with Orange Cream

Although experienced bakers can custom-design a recipe for you, there are also a variety of types of cakes with orange cream to choose from. Experts recommend cake tastings before you order so you can be sure that the flavors and textures are what you desire in the cake.

Both white and chocolate cakes can work very well with orange flavors and cream fillings, along with other various flavors such as other citrus fruits, berries, almond, mocha, and cream cheese.

Types of wedding cakes with orange cream may include:

  • 'Dark Chocolate Wedding Cake with Ganache and Orange Cream'
  • 'Orange Almond Cake with Orange Cream Filling'
  • 'Chocolate Orange Juice Cake with Cream Filling'
  • 'Orange Pound Cake with Whipped Cream'
  • 'Chocolate Mocha Cake with Orange Cream Filling'
  • 'Orange Marmalade Cake with Cream Filling'
  • 'White or Chocolate Cake with Orange Chocolate Mousse Filling'
  • 'Chocolate Cake with Orange Mousse'
  • 'Vanilla Cake with Orange Buttercream Frosting'
  • 'Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake'
  • 'Orange Cake with orange Cream Filling'
  • 'White Cake with Bavarian Orange Curd Custard'
  • 'Orange and Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Filling'
  • 'Chantilly Cream Cake with Mandarin Oranges'
  • 'Orange Butter Cake with Strawberry Cream Filling'

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Deciding on Your Orange Cream Cake

In choosing a bakery, you can ask the cake designer or baker what orange cream cake recipes are available, or find out if they will custom-make a unique cake with your flavor specifications. Many bakeries are more than happy to work with brides to achieve the cake they truly desire. Keep in mind that orange and other flavors are considered specialty fillings, and may incur additional charges. In choosing your orange cream cake, there are a number of questions you want to consider, including:

  • Will the orange flavors harmonize with the menu? If you are having orange chicken or have other citrus-based foods, consider whether or not an orange cake with harmonize or overpower.
  • Are the orange flavors appropriate for the season? A dark, rich, chocolate cake with orange cream or mousse may be perfect for a fall or winter wedding, but its rich flavors might be too overpowering for a spring or summer wedding; lighter cake flavors and white or orange creams will fare better for these seasons.
  • Will the frosting coordinate with the themes and colors of the wedding? Many colors can harmonize beautifully together for a wedding. If you are choosing chocolate or orange frosting for the cake, keep in mind how it will look with the flowers, wedding colors, and cake table décor.
  • What type of cake presentation do you want? The type of cake will also come into play when making this decision. How detailed and ornamental do you want the presentation? Will it work with the type of cake you've selected? How will both the cake and the presentation work with the reception atmosphere? A sheet cake with buttercream frosting and decorated with mandarin segments, or an orange pound cake sliced and elegantly dolloped with cream can be lovely for an informal wedding, while a tiered layer cake with orange cream filling and a hardier frosting might be in keeping with a more formal wedding.

There are many delicious options for couples interested in a wedding cake with orange cream, from light, sugary treats to rich, decadent indulgences. Whatever cake the couple chooses, the result will be the sweet taste of romance!

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Wedding Cake with Orange Cream