Wedding Bolero Jackets

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Bolero jackets or shrugs make powerful wedding fashion statements. A bolero jacket can be sheer or opaque with as much or as little detailing as desired. This wedding attire is often included to provide additional warmth, conceal upper arm trouble spots or to comply with church etiquette.

When to Wear Wedding Bolero Jackets

Wedding bolero jackets are the perfect solution for brides who want to add a touch of elegance to a strapless wedding dress, women who aren't crazy about their upper arms, and those who want to add an additional layer of warmth to their wedding day attire either the whole day or just before, during, or after the ceremony. If your church requires your shoulders to be covered, they are also a great option for wearing over the dress that caught your eye but unfortunately doesn't have sleeves attached. Though bolero jackets are short and chic, they aren't short on options because they come:

  • With or without beads
  • In various sleeve lengths
  • Made of materials like lace and taffeta
  • With special embroidery or patterns

Wedding bolero jackets are an alternative to capes, capelets, wraps and longer jackets that would best suited for cold weather and would look out of place during the actual ceremony. If you're getting married on a crisp fall evening, a bolero jacket might be the perfect solution for staying warm without taking the emphasis away from your wedding dress. Bolero jackets draw attention to the décolletage in a flattering way, giving the illusion of an elongated neck and toned chest region. The bolero offers an elegant, feminine look thanks to its flared drop from a mock collar.

bright blue bolero jacket

Where to Shop

If you didn't find the perfect bolero jacket for your dress when you bought it or you're looking for a jacket as an afterthought, you're not necessarily at a loss. There are plenty of websites and stores that sell wedding bolero jackets:

  • Best Bridal Prices has several styles and colors of bolero jackets to choose from.
  • Search eBay at the right time and you might score the perfect jacket for an unbelievable price.

Bolero jackets give the bride a sculpted, elegant look and work well with strapless and spaghetti strap dress styles in particular. Because of their sleeve style options, fabrics, and short length, they're appropriate for weddings during almost any season and can be worn during the ceremony or in photos before and after the event. If you like the look but don't want to wear one on your own wedding day, consider them for your bridesmaids. Bolero jackets can dress up any color of bridesmaid dress and make a great option if you're looking for something besides the wraps that many girls in bridal parties wear. Bolero jackets can dress up anyone, from the bride to the bridesmaids.

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Wedding Bolero Jackets