Best Wishes for a Wedding

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When weddings come around, best wishes for a happy marriage and life together are bestowed on the newlyweds. However, it isn't easy for some people to find the most memorable way to express this wish for happiness. With a little guidance they discover several appropriate ways to give their best wishes to the wedding couple.

Wedding Best Wishes

Some options for best wishes are unexpected or have a different spin from the traditional. Your relationship to the happy couple determines the way you deliver your heartfelt wishes.

Who Gives Best Wishes?

Almost everyone at a wedding will have something to wish the couple at a wedding. However, some of the big players who will give best wishes to the couple include:

  • Maid of honor
  • Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen
  • Parents of the groom
  • Parents of the bride
  • Close, personal friends
  • Relatives

If you fall into one of these categories, you may be expected to give a toast or perhaps say a few words when greeting the couple. It's best to have something prepared.

Other Ways for Wishes

If you're not expected to give a wedding toast, you'll probably still want to express the sentiment to the couple. Common ways include:

  • Card or other gift to the couple
  • By personally speaking to the couple
  • In a wedding wishes box
  • In your RSVP to the ceremony
  • In a thank you note after the event

Help Writing Best Wishes

Wedding wishes don't have to be fancy or poetic to be meaningful. Do you have any advice or thoughts on love and marriage you can share? Younger couples can benefit from and may enjoy some light-hearted wisdom of those who are already married. Do you have a special memory of the couple? For example, if you are close to the bride and remember the joy in her face when she announced her engagement, recalling that can add a sweet touch to your sentiments. Do lyrics from a well-known song remind you of the couples' love? Share the thought with them in your best wishes. Just taking a moment to think sincerely about the couple and reflecting on love and marriage can often help create an appropriate best wishes statement. Here are a few original examples to give you ideas to write your own wishes.

  • To the happy couple, the best of luck in your new future. I hope the time you've spent together already can become the building blocks of the time you will spend together forever. Cheers!
  • It can sometimes be hard to gather the right words to wish someone a happily ever after but (name of the couple) make it easy!
  • Some say love is a garden that needs to be tended to in order to thrive. Others say love is like a rose with thorns but all the more beautiful. I say, (name of the couple) don't need any flowers for their relationship--they already have all the beauty and all the tending they'll ever need.


Poems are a great place to look for inspiration. Many online poetry sites have special sections dedicated to either wedding or love poems. These sites feature previously published poems and poetry by novice writers. Popular sites include:

  • features both a section on love and on marriage. There are separate sections for poetry on weddings, joy, and wishes.
  • features poetry arranged by section. Their love section features many poems that would be great for weddings.
  • Love Poems and Quotes features even more poetry on love.
  • Famous Poems features previously published poetry by famous authors.
  • features even more great works with romantic sentiments.


Websites that feature quotes can normally give you the short snippet of inspiration your best wishes need. Some great quote sites for wedding best wishes include:

Wedding congratulations card and bridal couple figurine


Another great source of inspiration is best wishes cards. Someone put a lot of work into the greetings that go into cards and if you're not giving verbal best wishes and instead will be giving a card, you can be sure to find one that already has a great message in it.

Some sites for best wishes cards:

Tips For Your Wishes

  1. Stay true to yourself. If you're not too close to the couple, there's no need for you to give a large toast. Don't push it. A card or comment in the guestbook will fit.
  2. Honor your relationship to the couple. If you've known the groom for years, personalize your wedding best wishes rather than just handing them a gift or card. After all, they're inviting you to share in their personal day for a reason.
  3. A lot of times, people try to get the perfect words for their wishes. Any couple would rather that you say what's in your heart than what you think you should be saying.
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