Wedding Anniversary Verses

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Verses for a wedding anniversary should recognize the love between the couple. The verses should celebrate the specialness of the day when the couple married. Choose only verses that are kind, loving, warm, and suitable for all ages.

Spouse to Spouse Verses

Whether delivered during an anniversary party to which guests have been invited, a vow renewal ceremony or privately between two spouses, these verses are sure to please:

Toasting You

On this our special day I toast you with champagne

To celebrate our most special time, our wedding day

Happy anniversary, I love you

I Love You

Happy anniversary, my dear,

I love you more than ever today and will love you even more tomorrow.

More Love

Every year brings us more and more happiness

Every year seems more and more precious

Every year I fall more and more in love with you

Happy anniversary

Guest to Spouse Verses

A guest at an anniversary party can speak a few lines in celebration of the couple without breaking any etiquette rules. In this instance, guests may consider:

Best Friends

When you two came together in love and became husband and wife

You also acquired a best friend for life

Happy anniversary

Fond Memories

May this anniversary bring you fond memories of the day you became husband and wife that you will remember throughout your life.


To the simple pleasures that fill your days

For big events and holidays

The joys in your life can't be measured

But they're yours forever

Happy anniversary

Short Verses

A short wedding anniversary verse may be suitable to include on an anniversary card or other note. They can also be engraved on a piece of jewelry or other anniversary gift and given to one or both of the spouses.

  • As years accumulate, love's roots deepen.
  • We are two special people that make a loving pair.
  • Days of joy and pleasure, each year gets better.

Popular Anniversary Verses

There are several verses that regularly appear during anniversary celebrations. These verses often focus on the special relationship between couples that is established through marriage.

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu's quote about deep love reflects the dedication required for and uplifting nature of marriage. It works well as an anniversary quote because it focuses upon the support that married spouses give one another on a regular basis.

Mark 10: 6-9

Bible verses from Mark regarding the joining of man and woman often cited during anniversaries because it discusses the spiritual relationship between husband and wife. It acts as a reminder of the unique and special relationship that is established through marriage.

Love's Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The opening stanza of Love's Language sheds light on the work's main focus: how the presence of love appears in unusual and subtle places. The verses are suitable for an anniversary celebration because they demonstrate how love is often shown subtly in a marriage.

Choosing Your Anniversary Verse

These verses can help you say something special to your spouse on your anniversary or honor a couple celebrating their anniversary. Choose the verse that best reflects the couple's personalities and relationship to ensure that your saying perfectly matches the event's tone.

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