Wedding Aisle Decorations

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Wedding decorations for an aisle can be more than strewn flower petals. You can create a magical scene by using shepherd's hooks, garlands, columns and many other great aisle decorating ideas.

Shepherd's Hook Aisle Decorations

An alternative to typical pew bows or wedding flower arrangements is to use a shepherd's hook as aisle decorations. Typically made of metal, they stand several feet high and have a curved top, with a small hook at the end for attaching decorations. Most are freestanding, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Hang decorative items from the hook to match the rest of the wedding ceremony decorations. Popular choices include:

  • Hanging lanterns with candles
  • Flower balls
  • Hanging flower baskets
  • Paper lanterns with electric lights
  • Beads and crystals
  • Themed items, like butterflies or grape bunches

A unique way to decorate a shepherd's hook is to hang wind chimes from them. They are a charming addition indoors, and provide a whimsical background outside. Test chimes out before purchasing them to make sure you like the sound they create. Use them only on every second or third hook to keep from overwhelming guests or distracting from the ceremony.

Seasonal Wedding Aisle Decorations

Many aisle decorations for a wedding are perfect for any season. Customize these ideas to your wedding or the season by changing the color palate:

  • Use garlands or tulle decorations and swag them across the pews or rows of chairs, with a bow or floral piece where they connect.
  • Large columns, pedestals and garden stands are excellent ways to highlight floral arrangements that also double as wedding centerpieces.
  • Place large topiaries or tall faux trees at the end of each row of guest seating. Add lights, bows, flowers or strands of beads and crystals to match the rest of the décor.

At spring weddings, place stepping-stones along the edges of the aisle, which are particularly fitting for garden or backyard weddings. Large conch shells are perfect for lining the aisles at a beach wedding in the summer. Autumn wedding decorations for the aisle could include small corn shocks or miniature hay bales accented with pumpkins and gourds. In the winter, hang decorative snowflakes with bells and ice blue flowers from the pews. Winter white wreaths or silver and blue wreaths are good colors throughout winter, or for an elegant Christmas themed wedding.

Aisle Runners and More

Many couples choose use aisle runners as their wedding aisle decorations. Choose a customized runner for any wedding, like Indian wedding aisle runners for an Indian ceremony or a white runner with a cross for a Christian wedding ceremony.

outdoor wedding ceremony aisle

Rented runners usually cannot be modified. Purchased or homemade runners can be customized in several ways, including:

  • Using a runner in your wedding colors
  • Having a graphic embroidered onto the runner that matches your theme
  • Including a marriage quotation or love verse on the runner
  • Stitching a monogram onto the end of the runner
  • Choosing a runner with a decorative pattern

Utilize wedding lighting options to create a truly unique runner. Spotlights with templates or colored gels can make the aisle light up, without any additional decoration necessary.

An alternative to a fabric aisle runner is one made of flower petals. Some brides choose to cover the entire aisle in flower petals, so the floor is invisible below. Others create patterns using the petals, such as fleurs-de-lis, paisley patterns or scrolling flourishes. Use silk wedding petals indoors, as some flower petals can stain the carpeting below.

Match miniature banners to the aisle runner for further ceremony decoration. Purchase the same fabric or color of fabric and cut it into small squares. Hem the sides and sew a loop at the top for a dowel. Use hot glue to add silk flower heads to the banner, or sew a monogram in a contrasting color onto the fabric. Hang these banners on a shepherd's hook, on pew sides or even from balconies at your ceremony location.

From hanging decor to elegant aisle runners, there is a variety of ways to make the wedding walkway more beautiful. Taking the time to decorate this area will add to the ceremony and make it even more memorable.

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