Wedding Venues in Warrnambool

Botanic Gardens Warrnambool, Victoria

Australia's coastal city, Warrnambool offers nearly limitless romantic wedding venues. Located in southwest Victoria, bridal couples have their choice of lush gardens and water views for possible nuptial settings.

Places to Get Married in Warrnambool

Though there are nearly endless choices for venues, the most popular ones feature spectacular water views, breathtaking gardens, or time-honored traditions. Narrowing the options to just one may be the hardest decision you have to make during your wedding planning.

Warrnambool Racing Club

Warrnambool Racing Club is a famous horseracing club that has been holding races for over 160 years. Located on the outer eastern edge of Warrnambool in a lush, fertile valley, the Warrnambool Racing Club features 20 races each season. During the off-season, the club offers two areas on site for wedding events. The Matilda Room is large enclosed room that can accommodate up to 200 guests. Built with floor to ceiling windows, the Matilda Room showcases stunning views of the racetrack. The other option at the club is the Public Dining Room. Built in the late 1800s, this sandstone room is actually located under the racetrack and can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Botanic Gardens

Warrnambool's Botanic Gardens are another popular spot for weddings. Designed in 1879 by William Guilfoyle, this classic garden features 20 acres of native trees, a pond complete with ducks and lilies, and curving foot-paths. Couples often choose to include two iconic features of the gardens into their ceremony. The first is a stone bridge built over the lake in 1884. The other is an octagonal shaped rotunda that was used in the early 1920's by traveling musicians as a bandstand. Both spots lend themselves to prime photo opportunities.

Deep Blue Resort

The Deep Blue Resort is a both a popular wedding and honeymoon destination. With its location right on the beach and the five star Deep Water Bath House and Day Spa on premises, many couples choose to have their wedding in the Ballroom then stay for their honeymoon. The Ballroom can comfortably seat over 200 guests and features views of the coastline along with huge crystal chandeliers. Hold weddings on the beach and then move guests inside for the reception or hold both the wedding and reception in the Ballroom. Smaller rooms such as the Anchorage and Regatta room are also available.

Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill is a quaint venue geared towards small weddings. This old time village showcases actors set in the 1870s period garb and stone buildings. Many couples choose to hold their wedding ceremonies on the wharf, with the harbor and lighthouse as a backdrop. Receptions often take place to the Steam Packet Inn, which can serve several hundred guests. For very small weddings of less than 50, the Tasmanian Ferry can cruise the harbor. There are two decks available, so the wedding ceremony can be held above deck and then guests can retire below for dinner.

A Wedding Destination You'll Always Remember

Regardless of which of the Warrnambool wedding venues you ultimately decide to use, you'll enjoy the warm hospitality of this coastal town. The memories you make and photographs you take will make your wedding day even more special and something you can treasure for a lifetime.

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Wedding Venues in Warrnambool