Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

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Bridesmaid dresses with a nostalgic and vintage look may appeal to some bridal couples. Vintage gowns for bridesmaids are an ideal choice for a vintage or retro themed wedding. You may be considering vintage dresses simply for a unique bridal party look. Whatever your reason, vintage dresses for your bridesmaids are usually less expensive than new gowns.

About Vintage Styles

There are many different types of bridesmaid dresses available and ranging from traditional elegant styles to contemporary or more unusual dresses. Bridesmaid dresses help to create a special wedding atmosphere and the style often reflects the dress worn by the bride. Brides who are looking for something that extra special for their bridesmaids' outfits may find that vintage bridesmaid dresses are an exciting alternative to modern or new dresses. These can complement a vintage wedding dress or Victorian wedding dress for a cohesive retro theme.

Benefits of Vintage Dresses

There are many benefits and advantages of vintage dresses, including:

  • Unusual Styles: Vintage styles are very different to the contemporary bridesmaid dresses available today. This can be a great opportunity for a bride to find styles that are not readily available in stores. Vintage styles of bridesmaid dresses can include fun flapper style dresses from the 1920s to elegant ball gowns from the 1950s. Other popular styles are mini dresses from the 1960s or long flowing dresses from the 1970s.
  • Low Cost: Vintage dresses are often available for fraction of the modern price. Naturally prices vary depending on the style of dress and materials that it is made from, however, there are often real bargains to be had. It is important to remember when buying vintage bridesmaid dresses that even if they are low-cost there are still likely to be additional costs, such as alterations or cleaning expenses.
  • Readily Available: The advent of online auction sites has opened up the availability of vintage dresses to everyone regardless of where they are in the world. It is possible to find vintage dresses from all eras and in all cost brackets. While buying dresses from online auction sites can offer good value for money, there are also some potential drawbacks. It is not possible, for instance, to see the dress firsthand before buying, and this means it may be difficult to get a true idea of the color or fabric quality.
  • Modest Styles: Many dress styles from past eras have more modest cuts or details than contemporary dresses, such as higher necklines. This can be an advantage for brides or bridesmaids who for religious or other reasons require very modest styles.

Tips for Buying Vintage Dresses

  • Don't narrow the search to just bridesmaids' dresses. Many vintage dresses are suitable for bridesmaids and therefore narrowing the search to just bridesmaid dresses can result in fewer options. Stores that specialize in vintage or secondhand clothing can often provide dresses that would be suitable for a wedding.
  • Consider complementary dress styles. One of the drawbacks of buying vintage dresses is the fact that they are often one-of-a-kind dresses. This means that it can be difficult to buy two or more dresses that match. One alternative is to buy vintage dresses that complement each other rather than matching exactly.
  • Remember that dresses can be altered. A skilled tailor or dressmaker will be able to alter vintage dresses. This means that a dress that is too large or too long can be altered for a custom fit or for a junior bridesmaid.

Alternatives to Buying Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

If the perfect vintage dress remains elusive, there are alternatives that a bride could consider. A dressmaker, for instance, could make bridesmaid dresses in a vintage style or perhaps even from a vintage dress pattern. Another alternative is renting a vintage dress, as this can be cheaper than buying a dress and vintage dresses or vintage style dresses are readily available from costume rental stores.

A vintage or vintage style bridesmaid dress can be the perfect addition to a wedding. These dresses are likely to add to the individuality of the celebration and will help to make it a day to remember.


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