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You want every aspect of your wedding day to be perfect and reflect your style: with, you can design your own wedding veil! With an eye for beauty and a talent for design, Rebecca Walker created, an innovative bridal resource designed to take the stress out of choosing a veil. Read on for more about and Rebecca's fabulous tips on designing the perfect veil!

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Rebecca Walker

LTK: Rebecca, you and your husband Robert started in 2000 and have worked with many brides to help them find the perfect veil and accessories for their wedding day. Can you tell us a bit more about your background and what stemmed your interested in wedding fashion and design?

RW: My grandmothers taught me to sew when I was very young, and over the years I've made hand beaded wedding gowns, just as a "hobby". I loved creating anything bridal! When it came to my own wedding of course I made my own gown, however, I was so stressed out at the end that I decided to just purchase a veil and headpiece. I was so disappointed at the lack of selection in my local stores that I decided there had to be a better way--surely I wasn't the only bride who wanted more variety! Robert and I were both employed as physical therapists at the time, and were becoming increasingly disappointed in the "business" of medicine. Eventually I decided to pursue what I loved, and as the business grew Robert sacrificed his career to join me.

Design Your Own Wedding Veil!

LTK: At, brides can actually request a custom quote on their own veil design. What inspired you to come up with this?

RW: Again, it was a result of my own bridal experience. I'm a very concrete, step-by-step person, and it only made sense to me that you should be able to pick the "parts and pieces" in order to create the veil desired. That comes from my background as a seamstress-I always had a hard time shopping for clothing because when I needed a new dress, for instance, I would already have the design, color, etc. in my head, but could never find it in the marketplace. I always ended up having to make it! I thought it would be great if someone could offer such a service at a decent price, and that is just what we try to do with bridal veils!

Tips for Designing a Veil

Bride wearing a standard fullness fingertip veil
Standard Fullness Fingertip Veil

Veil Fullness

LTK: What advice do you offer for brides who are unsure of the fullness to choose for their veil?

RW: Fullness preference is really trend inspired. When we began our business, almost 9 years ago, we couldn't make the veils full enough! Our brides wanted 3 layer, extra full veils… Now, we can't make then flat enough! Our brides now want something that either lays flat on the head, or has as little gathering as possible.

You should take your inspiration from your gown-does it require a streamlined veil to elongate the look, or does it need more fullness to balance out a full skirt?

Choosing Veil Accents and Embellishments

Bride wearing a custom embellished veil
Custom Embellished Veil

LTK: You also offer a number of different edging options and accents, such as metallic thread finishes or rhinestone edging for brides to design their own veils with. What tips do you have on coordinating an embellished veil with the rest of the bride's accessories?

RW: In general, the gold and silver metallic edges work best with a gown that has the same type of embroidery work on the bodice.

You also want the accents to coordinate with any accents in the gown, the headpiece, and the jewelry. If the gown has bugle beading crystals, and pearls, then you would not want to do rhinestone accents on the veil-they should match to continue the theme. The same is true for the jewelry-if your gown has no beading, you could use whatever you like. But if it is highly embellished with one or two particular type of beads, you would want to make sure the headpiece and jewelry coordinate.

Bridal Veils and Face Shape

LTK: How important is a bride's face shape as a factor in determining which style of veil to choose? Do your recommend different styles for different face shapes?

RW: With a few exceptions, just about any veil will work with any face type. More important than the type is where the veil is placed on the head. If you put it right on top, then the veil is going to frame the face all the way around-that will make a round face look rounder. However, the same exact veil, placed farther back on the head, can help to take away some of the roundness of the face while providing a soft background. The opposite is true if you have a very long face.

In general, if you have a very round, full face, you should have a "middle of the road" veil-one that has some lift, but not too much. A flat veil will draw attention to the face shape and fullness, and a 3 layer veil will be so full that it will make the face look even fuller. A 2 layer, standard fullness veil works best.

Veils for Beach Weddings

Bride wearing a cathedral length veil
Cathedral Length Veil

LTK: What types of veils and accessories would you recommend for an outdoor or beach wedding?

RW: If you had asked this question 2 years ago, I would have said, "Keep it simple-short veil only". Now, however, our most popular veil for a beach wedding is a single layer, chapel or even cathedral length veil! The reason? The pictures! A veil flowing in the wind creates a very dramatic look and is quite popular. For a beach wedding, we now recommend a single layer veil, of any length-the sheer look works best and is much easier to deal with than a multi-layered veil if the wind really kicks in.

The headpiece should match the overall look of the gown-if you have a simple gown, then a headband, or small comb or tiara would look great. If the gown is very embellished, then you would probably still keep it on the smaller size, but select one with a lot of embellishments. Remember, outdoor weddings mean sunshine (hopefully!) and the sparkle from sunshine on

Swarovski crystals is amazing! The only thing I would stay away from would be the big tiaras-they just look out of place in an outdoor ceremony.

Popular Veils

LTK: Are there any new trends in wedding veils, or current types of veils that are most popular?

RW: Our biggest selling veils are the 2 layer, standard fullness veils in the elbow length, and the single layer veils in every length. We definitely see more requests for those than any other style.

Future of

LTK: Do you have any additional ventures planned in addition to continuing the success of

RW: The customized headpieces on our web site are the fastest growing product that we offer, because of the color options. We're going to be improving on that aspect, based on customer requests. We are working on developing a line of headpieces and jewelry, made here in the US, as exclusive offerings.

As for veils, we are hoping to launch a new style later this summer, in the sheerest organza that I've ever seen-it almost looks like glass! ....we hope to have them ready for the fall.

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