Valentine Themed Wedding

Red and white rose Valentine wedding bouquet

Valentine themed celebrations, especially for a wedding can be a romantic and cherished event. The main pitfall of Valentine themed nuptials is over decorating. If you plan carefully, you can avoid your wedding becoming a cliché filled with too many hearts and cupids.

Why Valentine's Day?

Couples choose to get married on Valentine's Day or with a Valentine theme for a number of reasons. It is the most romantic holiday of the year, making it popular for many loving couples to choose as their wedding date. Valentine's Day may also be a sentimental choice for couples who had their first date, first kiss, or even got engaged on Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason, though, this romantic holiday is a popular wedding theme for many sweetheart couples.

Valentine Wedding Problems

Before you choose a Valentine's Day wedding or use it as your inspiration, it is important to be aware of problems with this romantic holiday.

  • Cost: Because of its popularity for weddings, many wedding venues are more expensive for February weddings. Flowers, catering, and other wedding-related expenses can also be higher for a Valentine wedding.
  • Cliché: It is easy to go overboard with common decorations for a Valentine's wedding theme. Restraint will be necessary when planning to be sure your wedding is still just as beautiful and unique as the love you share.
  • Holidays: Not all your wedding guests may be willing to travel for a holiday wedding date. Guests may have their own romantic traditions for Valentine's Day, and you need to be aware of those possible conflicts.

Valentine Theme Wedding Ideas

If a Valentine theme is right for your wedding day, there are many ways to personalize your celebration.

  • Invitations: There are many romantic wedding invitation designs, and choosing one with double hearts, doves, or other Valentine's Day symbolism can help you set the mood for your event. Choose envelopes lined with red, and send your invitations off with love stamps.
  • Colors: Red, white, and pink are classic Valentine's Day colors, but they can be personalized with different hues and shades. Accent your wedding palette with iridescent pearl or metallic tones for more customization.
  • Wedding Dress: A romantic wedding dress design is essential for a Valentine wedding. Full skirts, sweetheart necklines, and off the shoulder collars are all superb choices. You can even add a bit of red or pink to your gown, or opt for a pink wedding dress for a sweetly romantic look. Lace or pearl accents are also stunning.
  • Attire: The groom and his groomsmen should wear classic, formal tuxedos to capture the romance of Valentine's Day, perhaps with bold red or pink shirts to match the wedding colors. The bridal party dresses should be just as romantic, though not quite as elaborate, as the bride's dress.
Red and white satin heart wedding confetti
  • Flowers: Roses are the most popular flower choice for Valentine theme weddings, and red, yellow, or pink blooms match the theme. Other flowers in shades or red and pink, such as lilies or tulips, are also wonderful choices that can be a bit more unique. Flower arrangements should be large and cascading, filling the area with luscious scents and beautiful colors.
  • Decorations: In addition to flowers, other popular Valentine wedding decorations include candles, ribbons, and lace. Scatter heart shaped confetti on wedding tables, or use colored marbles to fill vases for floral arrangements. Lace runners can add romance and delicacy to buffet tables, and heart shaped balloons can be a whimsical and fun touch for an entrance arch.
  • Menu: A romance themed wedding menu can be any foods you enjoy, but popular choices include rich gourmet entrees and aphrodisiac appetizers such as chocolate covered strawberries or an oyster bar. Rich hot cocoa is also a treat for this winter wedding holiday. Champagne is essential for the toast, but for a romantic touch, choose pink champagne.
  • Wedding Cake: A Valentine wedding cake should be rich and elegant. White chocolate and red velvet are popular choices, as are decadent chocolate cakes with strawberry or raspberry fillings. The cake can be heart shaped, or may be decorated with roses or fondant lace.
  • Wedding Favors: Give your guests a touch of romance with Valentine themed wedding favors. Many different wedding favors, from bells and frames to ice cream scoops and candies, come in heart shapes perfect for Valentine favors. For more unique choices, opt for wedding truffles in your favorite flavor or rose scented candles with custom labels, adding a whimsical elementary school style Valentine as the wedding favor tag to each one.
  • Music: The music at a wedding is always romantic, but amp up the romance for your music by choosing only love songs for weddings to play during your reception, or create a playlist of songs that all feature "Love" in the title.

Tips for a Valentine's Day Wedding Theme

Romantic Valentine wedding cake with roses

With so many choices for a Valentine's Day wedding theme, it is easy to go overboard. To make your wedding exquisitely romantic without being overdone, be sure to choose just one or two unifying symbols to use throughout the event, such as a pair of entwined hearts or a pure white dove.

More tips for the perfect Valentine wedding include:

  • Book venues and services early, since they can sell out quickly for this romantic holiday.
  • Consider avoiding cliché whimsical symbols such as teddy bears or Cupid figures unless you want that type of sweetheart, youthful look.
  • The weather in February can be unpredictable, so plan accordingly for a winter wedding, including appropriate attire and flexibility.
  • Don't forget to take romantic wedding pictures to commemorate your day, in addition to typical poses and scenes. Use soft focus, selective coloring, and other photographic techniques to capture the romance of your day.

A Valentine theme wedding can be a beautiful, memorable event that truly celebrates the romance in your relationship. With careful planning and coordination, your wedding can be one of the most romantic days of your life.

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