Valentine Day Wedding Cakes

Valentine wedding cake with cookie hearts and berries

Valentine's Day is a popular wedding date and isn't complete without a good choice of wedding cakes. A sweet, decadent Valentine cake is a must on this most romantic day of the year to celebrate your nuptials.

Why Choose a Valentine Cake

The most obvious reason for a couple to choose a Valentine-themed cake is because they plan to marry in mid-February. While Valentine's Day is a popular wedding date, couples can also choose Valentine Day wedding cakes for other, equally sentimental reasons such as:

  • An overall classic romance theme, no matter when the wedding day
  • The couple got engaged, met, or first dated on Valentine's Day
  • The wedding is themed around romantic imagery, such as red roses, hearts, or cherubs

Whatever the reason for choosing a Valentine cake, there are many design options couples can use to create a personalized, romantic wedding cake.

Ideas for Valentine Day Wedding Cakes

There are two considerations a couple should make when picking a Valentine's Day dessert for their wedding day. First, what classic symbols do they want to use, and second, how can they adapt those symbols for a beautiful and unique wedding cake.

White hearts with roses Valentine wedding cake


Several popular symbols are classic favorites as cake decorations on February 14, including:

  • Hearts, either single or double
  • Cherubs or Cupid figures
  • Romance colors such as pink, red, and white
  • Roses, particularly red or pink blooms
  • Whimsical figures, such as teddy bears

While these symbols may seem predictable, there are many ways couples can incorporate them into personalized, elegant wedding cake designs perfect for their celebration.

Wedding Cake Designs

Many popular wedding cake designs for Valentine's Day include classic symbols, while others are more unusual but no less romantic. Beautiful designs for Valentine wedding cakes include:

  • An all white cake with embossed hearts, romantic swirls, or delicate lace designs
  • Cakes decorated with fresh rose blooms or silk rose petals
  • Heart shaped cake tiers
  • Pearl or crystal decorations for vintage romance
  • Cake icing colored pink or red to match the theme
Valentine heart shaped wedding cake with frosting roses
  • Heart, Cupid, or swan wedding cake toppers
  • Edible roses sculpted from fondant or sugar paste
  • Decorating the cake with conversation hearts or other classic Valentine candy
  • Decorating the cake table with bold red or pink accents
  • Serving the wedding cake with personalized conversation hearts or other candy
  • Adding words such as "Be Mine" and "My Valentine" to the cake in icing
  • Filling the space between cake tiers with roses
  • Adding bold satin ribbons in red, pink, or white to each cake tier
  • Adding wedding truffles or chocolate covered strawberries to the cake

Cake Flavors

Couples can also incorporate a Valentine's Day theme by choosing classic cake flavors. Popular and tasty options for Valentine's Day wedding cakes include:

  • Red velvet cake with a rich butter taste and bold crimson hue
  • Dark chocolate cake paired with fruit fillings such as strawberry or raspberry
  • Strawberry sponge cake with a light buttercream filling
  • Classic white vanilla cakes with vanilla icing
  • All chocolate wedding cakes with espresso, mocha, or chocolate fillings

Alternative Desserts

Valentine's Day is a sweet holiday, and couples don't necessarily have to serve cake to enjoy a treat at their festivities. There are many other dessert options that can either be paired with a cake or substituted for it entirely, such as:

  • Heart shaped sugar cookies
  • Valentine's Day cupcakes with pink, red, and white sprinkles
Valentine cupcakes with roses
  • Heart shaped chocolates or truffles
  • Petit fours or miniature decorated wedding cakes
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • A chocolate fondue dipping fountain
  • Classic Valentine candy, including conversation hearts, jelly hearts, or chocolate lips

Couples can also choose to offer these alternative sweet treats as wedding favors, add them to individual place settings for fun decorations, or simply include them in a buffet meal at the reception.

A Word of Warning

While a Valentine wedding cake may seem like a cute, romantic idea, it is important for couples not to overdo a theme. Well placed colors and understated decorations will be elegant and romantic without being overwhelming, while adding too many cute touches could make the décor sickeningly sweet. A simple wedding cake design with subtle Valentine touches will be perfect for any event without being too cutesy.

Valentine Day wedding cakes can be fun and whimsical or classy and elegant. By using treasured holiday symbols and creating a cake design that is both classic and unique, couples can celebrate their special day in a sweet way as they vow to always be Valentines.

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