Unique Wedding Invitations


A wedding invitation that's unique makes a great first impression on your wedding guests. Explore various wedding invitation ideas to ensure your invite is memorable and exciting.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Invites

Before you try to create your wedding invitation, consider the style of the wedding you want. Are you a traditional bride and groom? Is your wedding themed in a special way? Knowing your personal wedding style can help you come up with some great ideas for creating unique invitations.


One of the easiest ways to create a unique wedding invitation is to find shaped invites. For example, use sandal shaped invites for a beach-themed wedding. The shape should either fall in with your theme or relate to something special you as a couple do together. Other shapes to consider include:

  • Letters of the alphabet would work for those looking to do a monogram theme, but want to keep their wedding traditional and formal.
  • Motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, and other vehicle shapes are perfect for the couple who is always "on the go."
  • Butterflies, horses, dogs, and other cuddly friends are great shapes for the animal lovers.
  • Flowers, leaves, or blooming plants for the gardeners/nature lovers.
  • Lips, X's and O's, and hearts for the romantic-but-fun couple.

Just about any shape can be die-cut at a specialty shop. If you cannot find the shape you are looking for, ask your local graphics store for price quotes on creating the shaped invitation that reflects your personal style.


Another area where you can create a unique invitation is by using special materials. Vellum, tissue, and other papers are standard for most invites. But you do not have to stop with just the traditional materials. Color can be used to make your wedding invitations unique. Instead of sticking with the traditional white or ivory, try using bold colors or textured papers in your invites. These are all readily available today. Color can be used to reflect many different aspects of your wedding - the season, the location, the level of formality and your personalities.

Consider accenting your invitations with ties r bows of materials other than ribbon. For example, for example if you are into horses or motorcycle riding, consider thin leather ties. Switch out the ribbon for shoelace ties to highlight an athletic bride and groom.

Photo invitations are becoming more and more popular. But instead of using your engagement picture, use photos of the two of you growing up in a montage. Use black and white images, or pull a single color out that ties in with your wedding colors.

Charms or other accessories can personalize a wedding invitation. Cheap bracelet charms can be added to all ready made invitations for a unique touch. Get palm trees, hearts, lips, or other items related to your relationship. Other 3-D embellishments that have become increasingly popular on invitations include brads, rivets, buttons, die cut shapes, fabric and faux gemstones.

Original Artwork

Do you draw or paint? Do you know someone who does? Have him or her create a unique piece of art to put on the front of your invitation. Consider having him/her do an abstract in your wedding colors. You can also have him/her do a pencil sketch of the two of you. Or, make a painting related to your theme, whether Vegas, western, beach, or otherwise. Invitations that feature artwork can be beautiful and very personal.

The artwork can also be use for the cover of the wedding programs and later on, the thank you notes.

High-Tech Invitations

Creating a unique wedding invitation can also mean using technology. Instead of mailing out the traditional card and envelope with RSVP and reception information, consider making your own video. You can do this at home, with your own camera and editing software on the computer. This personalized DVD or CD-ROM will make a lasting impression on everyone who receives it.

If you do not have a camcorder or the editing software to produce your own video, consider hiring someone to make the invitation for you. Local production companies may also offer these services.

Hiring Help for Custom Designs

For the bride and groom who may not be the most creative, hiring someone to follow their vision may be the best option. Your wedding coordinator may be able to recommend graphic artists who can produce your vision.

Additionally, you can find companies that will create custom designs just for your wedding. Two companies to contact include Invitations by Nature and The Pulp Studio. A team of designers will listen to your ideas and create a unique invitation based on your ideas.


Creating a unique wedding invitation usually will cost more than ordering templates or other pre-designed invites. The cost will depend on:

  • Types of materials used
  • Amount of labor
  • Number of invitations ordered
  • Shipping charges for specially ordered items

Before ordering your unique wedding invitation, ask for an estimate for your invitations. You should be able to get a rough idea of what the total cost will be. Do not forget to include the cost of RSVP cards and envelopes, reception cards, and matching thank you notes if you want the same design carried throughout your wedding stationary.

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