10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Happy Couple Picnic Set at Personal Creations
Happy Couple Picnic Set

Finding 10 unique ideas for wedding gifts gives you several options for this important present. These ideas are especially appealing to anyone wishing to find a gift not listed in the bridal registry. A unique wedding gift lets the couple know you put a lot of thought into their gift selection.

Ten Unusual Wedding Gifts

Break away from the traditional toaster or mixer and find a wedding gift for the bride and groom that is unusual yet functional. Ten unique gift ideas to consider include:

1. Happy Couple Picnic Set

Give couples a deliciously romantic gift with the Happy Couple Picnic Set from Personal Creations. The 30-piece set comes with everything from dinner and flatware to a detachable wine bottle cooler and blanket. It's perfect for couples who love to hike or just enjoy each other's company on a date at the park. Personalize it with their names and wedding date for around $100.

2. Personalized Wedding Crest

From Uncommon Goods, this one-of-a-kind crest includes the couple's names, their wedding location, and even the date of their wedding day. It is priced around $135 and is presented in a walnut wood frame. Couples who like genealogy or take an interest in family history might like this spin on family crests.

3. Carved Heart Art Canvas

The Carved Heart Art Canvas is sold through Personal Creations. This piece of art is can be customized with the couple's initials and wedding date. It is priced around $40 to $50 and features a black and white tree with initials inside of a heart. This wall art is sure to be loved by anyone who receives it and is the perfect touch to any newlywed's home. Pick it up for couples who are moving into their first home together.

4. Just Married Beach Towels

Just Married Beach Towels are great for the couple headed to the beach for their honeymoon or who enjoy taking tropical vacations. These towels, sold on Amazon.com, are cute and unique. One towel is done black with the word "Just" embroidered in white and the other is done in white with the word "Married" embroidered in black. The set is priced around $75.

5. Grow Old With You Terrarium

Grow Old With You Terrarium, from Uncommon Goods, is priced around $125. The terrarium kit includes a miniature couple sitting on a bench, a glass apothecary jar, moss, rocks, and soil. Couples can enjoy assembling this set as well as watching it grow over time. It's a good gift for couples who have green thumbs.

Grow Old With You Terrarium from Uncommon Goods
Grow Old With You Terrarium from Uncommon Goods

6. Loving Couple Personalized Garden Stone

Loving Couple Personalized Garden Stone, from Personalization Mall, is priced under $40. It can be personalized with the couple's names, a special message, and date. This resin stone is ideal for a garden or pathway and will add a special touch wherever it is placed. Give it to couples who have a country garden or rustic theme to their home.

7. Q&A a Day Five Year Journal

The Q&A a Day Five Year Journal is a great way for couples to keep track of their first five years of marriage. The bride and groom can both write down their answers to the daily questions. When the year starts over, they can reflect on the previous year's adventures. It retails for around $17 at ModCloth, making this an affordable choice for people who enjoy reflecting on the past.

Q&A a Day Five Year Journal from ModCloth
Q&A a Day Five Year Journal from ModCloth

8. Vineyard Wine Cellar Sign

Vineyard Wine Cellar Sign is ideal for the wine lovers. This oak sign from Personal Creations can be personalized with the newlywed's names, wedding year, and their city and state. It is priced around $100 and will add the perfect touch to any wall where it is placed.

9. Maple Oval Cutting Board

Maple Oval Cutting Board from Things Remembered, is priced around $145 and is done in maple wood and has iron handles. It can be laser-etched with the couple's initials or name and will look great on any table or countertop. Give it to any couple with culinary aspirations.

10. Love Will Find A Way Art

Love Will Find A Way Art is a unique piece of art, from Uncommon Goods. It is priced under $200 and features the couple's names as well as the states or countries where they are from. This wall art comes in a black shadowbox frame and in four color combinations including black with fuchsia hearts, ocean blue with coral hearts, charcoal gray with honeysuckle hearts, or deep sea blue with midnight kiss hearts. It's a great gift for couples who dated long distance before tying the knot.

Love Will Find A Way Art from Uncommon Goods
Love Will Find A Way Art from Uncommon Goods

All In the Presentation

Keep in mind that you turn any gift into something unique and unforgettable just by presenting it in an unusual way. For those who prefer to give cash or a gift card to the newly married couple, consider adding a special poem in the greeting card or placing money or a gift card in a unique box or picture frame. Sometimes a small gesture can make all the difference. Giving a unique gift will not only remind the couple how special they are to you but will let them know that you took the time to find them a great gift that was chosen just for them.

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10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas