Unique Wedding Favors

wedding favors
Unusual accents make traditional favors unique.

Finding unique favors for a wedding often includes uncommon ideas. Original tokens of gratitude delight guests with a special memento of your wedding .

The Same Old Thing

Who wants to send their wedding guests home with the same old thing? Packages of tulle-wrapped jordan almonds sitting in a miniature plastic champagne glass have been done so many times, they induce yawns. When it comes to showing their appreciation to the people who shared their day with them, today's brides and grooms are choosing to go with unique wedding favors.

Unique Favors Are Gifts That Keep Giving

If you truly want to touch your guests, and give something that's sure to have them talking for years to come, why not give to your favorite charity? Figure out how much you want to spend for each wedding favor and make a donation in each guest's name. It shouldn't be difficult finding a worthy charity which will be happy to accept gifts of any amount. The I Do Foundation offers elegantly printed cards for all guests when the happy couple chooses these unique wedding favors.

Even gifts that aren't charitable can keep giving guests joy long after the last dance ends.

The Gift of Life

Imagine having a tree planted in your honor! If you give your guests tree seedlings as wedding favors, this is exactly what will happen. Trees add beauty and life to a home. Your guests are sure to remember your special day with this environmentally conscious gift. The GreenWorld Project is just one place where evergreen seedlings can be purchased. Most are elegantly wrapped or adorned for weddings. Tree in a Box actually offers a tree planting kit in a box to give out to your guests. You can also contact the National Arbor Day Foundation for more information about giving tree seedlings as unique wedding favors.

If your wedding is in the spring, consider giving potted plants. Flats of annuals or perennials can be purchased at the local nursery or home improvement center and replanted in small, inexpensive pots that have been spray-painted in metallic colors to match your wedding theme. You can also wrap the pots in foiled paper. This gift will keep memories of your wedding in bloom for the rest of the season.

The Gift of Warmth

Mugs and teacups are cozy, comforting gifts. In addition to purchasing them in bulk from a supplier, the happy couple can have them printed with their names, wedding date and even a photograph. Packets of coffee, tea or hot chocolate can be placed inside. Your guests are sure to remember you as they sip their morning wake-up beverage from a mug or teacup.

The Gift of Drink

Weddings are to be celebrated. A celebration isn't a celebration without wine or champagne. The happy couple can extend the festivities by giving wine or champagne wedding favors. Each miniature bottle comes complete with a personalized label. Tee-totaling wedding guests can enjoy bottles of water or soda.

wedding favors

More Unique Ideas

Whether you create a homemade favor or buy something unique, there are plenty of ideas available to choose amongst. Consider the following for a few more ideas on original favors:

Don't give the same old favors to your wedding guests. Use your imagination -- the possibilities for unique wedding favors are endless!

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Unique Wedding Favors