Two Peas in a Pod Wedding Theme

two peas in a pod

A wedding theme, such as two peas in a pod is an adorable way to express how much the two of you belong together. From invitations to décor and even to favors, there are dozens of ways to use this fun wedding theme.

About a Two Peas in a Pod Wedding Theme

This wedding theme can be fun and whimsical when used with a light touch, or outrageous and fun when done in exaggerated fashion for informal weddings. Whichever type of wedding you are planning; this theme has at its core the idea that you and your future spouse are absolutely perfect for one another: you're inseparable, you belong together, and you were meant for each other. It's a wonderful expression of the true joy that a couple finds in their close bond to one another.

Starting Off: Two Peas in a Pod Invitations

A two peas in a pod theme is a perfect spring or summer wedding theme. The color green can be incorporated in various ways to complement the pea pod aspect and still create and lovely, elegant, and whimsical atmosphere. You can find cute, unique, pre-made pea pod invites, engage the services of an artist or stationary and invitation company to custom-make the invitations, or even make them yourself using your home computer. Below are a few helpful resources:

  • Wedding Invitations: This UK-based company offers a vintage-inspired black and white peas in a pod invitaition.
  • Cool Clips: Has available a variety of different pea pod clip art designs, perfect for creating your own custom invitations.

Even if you decide not to use the pea pod design specifically, you can still hint at the pea pod theme without giving it away, by using a nice circular graphic on green cardstock.

Pea Pod Wedding Décor

wasabi peas

There are a number of ways to use the two peas in a pod wedding theme, and they vary depending on how informal to how fun and funky your wedding will be. If your wedding is an informal celebration, you can have bowls of spicy wasabi peas for guests to snack on and have a few friends wearing a pea pod costume for extra laughs.

If want a more elegant or classic celebrations, consider adding subtle touches that convey the pea pod theme, such as:

  • Use green circular bowls arranged in a pea pod design.
  • Use green round candles arranged in a pea pod designs as table centerpieces.
  • Use green balloons to decorate the reception space to suggest the theme.
  • Use lovely spring pea pod wreaths to decorate (you can find instructions for this project in the March 2002 back issue of Home and Garden).
    peas cake
  • Decorate the wedding cake with green fondant, butter cream, or airbrushed depictions or two peas in a pod. Alternately, you could use fresh pea pods to adorn the cake (just be sure to remove prior to serving).
  • Use flower arrangements with garden greenery rather than traditional greenery.
  • Utilize watering cans, gardening trowels, and gardening gloves as unique décor items to complement the pea pod theme.

Pea Pod Wedding Favors

Two peas in a pod wedding favors are one of the most fun aspects of planning this type of themed wedding. You can find a variety of different types of favors, from handmade gifts to cute pea pod favors found at many bridal retailers. Two of the most common favors of this type are two peas in a pod candle favors and two peas in a pod ceramic salt shaker favors, both available at many online bridal shops.

Options include:

Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers
Two Peas in A Pod Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you're planning on making your own favors, you can consider pea pod seed packets, a crocheted two peas in a pod favor, or giving a special recipe to each guest printed on pea pod recipe cards.

You could also consider more traditional favors, such as chocolates, Jordan almonds, votive or tea light candles, coffee or tea favors, small photos, magnets, or key chains -- and turn them into a two peas in a pod wedding theme favor by affixing an adorable peas in a pod favor tag.

More Ideas

Need more ideas to incorporate this whimsical theme into your wedding? Consider wearing antique pea pod jewelry for your something old. Or, for a completely different take on your traditional wedding, check out the Two Peas in a Pod Cabin Rental available Gatlinsburg, TN.

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