Tulle Wedding Decorations

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Bridal couple on a bridge decorated with a tulle swag

Couples choose tulle wedding decorations because tulle adds an understated elegance to décor -- without adding a big bill.

Tulle Offers Versatility and Affordability

Tulle is one of the most versatile fabrics used in decorating for weddings. Not only can it be found in bridal party attire but it can be used as an accent almost anywhere. Flowers, pew décor, head table backdrops and more often incorporate tulle in their designs.

Today, tulle is often replaced by or accented with organza or even silk in many decorations. Having too much tulle in your wedding décor can potentially look overdone or outdated. Nonetheless, tulle is an affordable wedding decoration choice that has multiple uses; it will continue to be a popular decoration piece for years to come.

As with any wedding decoration or theme, you can choose how much you want to use. Whether it is small accents here and there, such as bows, or large ceiling canopies, you can choose to put as much or as little tulle into your décor as you wish for the effect you want to achieve.

Tulle Wedding Decorations: Ceremony

Ceremonies held in religious buildings may not need excessive decoration. Tulle is a great choice, because it dresses up an area without adding lots of cost. Small pew bows and swags can be hung at the end of each row of guests. Tulle can be added to floral pew decorations as filler or be tied onto altar flower arrangements.

Stairway banisters and altar railings can be wound with tulle. Entrance doors and archways can be wrapped with tulle. Adding small white wedding lights in gathered tulle can really make a statement as guests walk through the entryways. Ivy, greenery or flowers can also be incorporated into swags with tulle.

Outdoor Ceremony Tulle Uses

Outdoor wedding ceremonies might benefit from tulle use as well. Tie bows around chair backs to dress up plain rentals. Colored tulle on white or black chairs can be striking. Brides and grooms who are in a gazebo may find that paint is chipping off the railings or columns, so wrapping tulle around the structure can help camouflage any flaws.Walking paths can be marked off by using tulle as a delicate fence. Purchase or rent tulle or wreath stands. Rope tulle across the hooks, spacing stands several feet apart. Add a large bow, wreath or flower arrangement at the top for a more elaborate look.

Ceremony Accessories

Though most ceremony accessories are often meant to be used "as is," you can add a little customization with tulle. Do this by:

  • Tying a tulle bow onto the flower girl basket
  • Nestling the guest book in tulle
  • Using tulle in the wedding program
  • Making tulle a part of a silk flower arrangement on a candelabra
  • Tying rings to the ring bearer pillow with tulle

Reception Decorations with Tulle

White Jordan almonds nestled on tulle

Wedding receptions held in large halls, banquet centers or convention centers often require a lot of decorations. Tulle is a practical way to transform the site into your dream wedding reception without adding massive materials or labor costs.

Match the ceremony décor to the reception décor. If you had swags at your ceremony, use swags across the front of your cake table and head table. Wrap tulle around doorways and banisters using the same techniques as you did at the ceremony. This creates a unified look for all your wedding festivities.

Tulle wedding decorations for the reception can also include:

  • Topiary centerpiece covers
  • Pillar or column spirals
  • Dance floor canopies
  • Centerpiece fillers or accents
  • Table runners
  • Chair bows or covers
  • Staging decorations
  • Wedding favor bags
  • Getaway car decorations
  • Ceiling swags

Tulle can be used in conjunction with balloon decorations for easy and informal reception décor that sticks to a tight budget.

Tulle Options

Though white or ivory tulle may be the prevalent colors in wedding decorations, you can find it in almost any color or size you desire. Watch for clearance, holiday or seasonal sales at craft stores and online in order to buy bulk tulle at a cheap price.

Do it yourselfers will find tulle easy to work with, while others may simply want to purchase pre-made tulle decorations. Regardless of how the tulle comes, you can be assured that plenty of choices are available:

If you are not sure about exactly what you will be using tulle in, but want to begin making your decorations, order bulk tulle bolts to ensure that you have plenty of material to get started early.

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Tulle Wedding Decorations