Tropical Soap Wedding Favors

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Soap wedding favors in a tropical theme are festive, fun accents for many types of wedding celebrations. You can choose a tropical soap favor for your wedding based on colors, scent, design and packaging.

Why Soap?

A bar of soap is not usually a couple's first thought when considering wedding favors, but there are many reasons why soap is a great option.

  • Cost: Small, decorative soaps can be found for less than $1, and even luxury spa soaps are generally no more expensive than $5 to $7 per bar, giving couples a wide range of choices no matter what their budget. Couples who are experienced with making soaps can even create their own bars for less money.
  • Variety: Soaps come in an extraordinary range of sizes, shapes, colors, and scents, making it easy for couples to personalize their favors.
  • Practicality: Soap is a practical favor that guests can use, and while many other favors - shot glasses, ice cream scoops, etc. - also have practical applications, guests are more likely to enjoy a consumable favor rather than one that may go unused in a drawer long after the wedding.

Choosing a Tropical Soap Wedding Favor

Tropical soaps are perfect wedding favors for many types of celebrations, such as:

  • Destination weddings to tropical resorts or cruise ships
  • Beach weddings
  • Any wedding with a nautical, luau, or tropical theme
  • Weddings in tropical states such as Florida, Hawaii, or Southern California

Just as there are many different weddings that tropical soaps are perfect for, there are also many different choices of soaps that can make perfect favors.

By Shape

Tropical soaps come in many shapes that can coordinate with a wedding theme, from fun, whimsical designs to more romantic or sophisticated decorative shapes. Popular shapes include:

  • Fish, dolphins, seahorses, sea turtles, sand dollars, and other marine creatures.
  • Palm trees, tropical flowers, and other exotic plants.
  • Flamingos and other tropical birds.
  • Sand dollars, conch, clams, and other shell shapes.
  • Flip-flops, sailboats, surfboards, anchors, and similar nautical shapes.

By Color

Many couples choose wedding favors that can coordinate with the other wedding reception decorations, and a tropical soap can be tinted into many different hues. Pastel shades of blues, greens, and creamy whites are popular because they are reminiscent of the sea, but bright bold colors can coordinate with tropical flowers or any color of bridal party dresses for a seamless look.

By Scent

Tropical scents are popular for tropical soap favors. While any exotic scent will do, popular choices include:

  • Water, rainforest, ocean breeze, and other natural scents.
  • Floral aromas such as plumeria, hibiscus, and other tropical scents.
  • Delicious tropical treat scents like citrus, lime, coconut, mango, pineapple, and other decadent options.

By Soap

The properties of the soap may also be a consideration for whether or not it is a desirable wedding favor. Inexpensive soaps may look nice as decorative accents, but if the couple wants their guests to experience the spa-like luxury of a fine soap, they need products with superior ingredients. Aloe oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other all-natural ingredients produce indulgent lathers and long lasting silky feelings that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Potential Soap Problems

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Before selecting a tropical soap wedding favor and washing their hands of the wedding favor details, couples need to be aware of potential problems with soap favors. If the wedding celebration will include young children, the small, easy-to-grasp shapes of soaps can be enticing, and the soaps should be carefully packaged so they are not mistaken for chocolate or candy wedding favors. Placing the soaps in a tulle bag or wedding favor box can help eliminate any confusion, and including a note about the soap's origins and tropical connections will be useful as well as fun.

It is also wise to include a list of ingredients in the soap, particularly if it is handmade. Guests with sensitive skin may be allergic to some ingredients, and allergic reactions to handling favors can be a disaster at an otherwise festive occasion.

The smell of soap can be overwhelming in large quantities, and those smells can taint the delicate aromas of an otherwise delicious meal. If there will be many soap favors - for a large wedding, for example - they should be carefully packaged to conceal most of the odor or else placed in one location well away from the dining area.

Where to Find Tropical Soaps

There are many places to find tropical soaps suitable for wedding favors. Bath and body stores may have limited selections available, but shopping online can yield a much greater variety to choose from. Online boutiques offering tropical-themed soaps include:

Starfish soap favors in gift box
Starfish soap favors

A Pretty and Useful Favor

A tropical soap wedding favor is a delightful touch for a beach wedding, destination event, or otherwise tropical celebration. With careful selection based on shape, color, scent, and soap properties, couples can find just the right soap for a clean start to their happily ever after.

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Tropical Soap Wedding Favors