How to Make a Towel Wedding Cake

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A towel wedding cake is a creative wedding gift idea or bridal shower centerpiece option, and these elegant arrangements are easy and fun to make.

About Towel Cakes

A towel cake is a unique arrangement of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths to create a tiered "confection" that looks as luscious as any designer wedding cake. Towel cakes can be used for different gifts and decorations, including:

While the traditional towel cake has three tiers, these easy craft projects can be adjusted to suit any wedding festivities and make a unique and whimsical addition to any celebration.

Making a Towel Wedding Cake

Even novice crafters can make a towel cake with just a bit of care and practice. Necessary "ingredients" for the cake include:

  • 2 bath towels
  • 3 hand towels
  • 3 wash cloths
  • Safety pins
  • Decorative items such as novelty straight pins, satin ribbon, silk flowers, etc.

To make a towel wedding cake, follow these simple steps.

three tier towel cake
  1. Fold both bath towels into thirds lengthwise and arrange them end to end, with the narrow ends slightly overlapping.
  2. Fold the bath towels in half again lengthwise and pin them together securely. The neater the folds and straighter the towels, the better the finished cake will look.
  3. Roll the towels together tightly and neatly and fasten the roll securely with pins or with ribbon tied around the coil (not over the ends). This is the bottom tier of the cake.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the hand towels and washcloths. The initial folds should be adjusted so the resulting coils will be approximately the same height as the bath towel base; the hand towels, for example, may work better folded in half rather than in thirds.
  5. Stack the rolled tiers to create the basic cake. Tiers may be centered on top of one another or offset for a more unique design.
  6. Secure the tiers together with long lengths of ribbon if desired.
  7. Decorate the towel cake with pins, silk wedding flowers, decorative soaps, ribbons, rose petals, strands of decorative pearls, or other items. Rubber ducks, dolls, flowers, candles, or ribbons can be a fun wedding cake topper.
  8. Use a contrasting colored towel as a tablecloth when displaying the towel wedding cake, or choose a regular wedding cake stand to highlight the arrangement.

For illustrated instructions on making towel cakes, visit Think Wedding or Your Wedding Company.

Tips to Make the Best Cake

While a simple towel cake can be an elegant addition to any wedding decorations, there are many ways to make the project even more meaningful.

  • Use towels from the couple's wedding registry to create a suitable gift.
  • Use dishcloths and dish towels for a two-tiered kitchen-themed gift or themed bridal shower.
  • Roll related items into the towels as each layer is created to add surprise gifts: lotions, body wash, scented candles, soaps, bubble bath, and other items can turn the cake into a complete spa gift.
  • Coordinate towel colors or decorative ribbons with the wedding colors or theme.
  • Use beach towels to complement a beach wedding celebration and decorate the cake with shells, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other fun beach items.

Cakes for Purchase

If time is short or this craft project is too demanding for a busy bride, maid of honor, or wedding guest, many specialty companies offer pre-made towel wedding cake gift sets. Costs range from $50 to $100 depending on the types of towels used, the size of the finished cake, and the accessories added to complete the gift. Because towel cakes can be heavy and awkward, shipping charges can also be relatively high.

Retailers offering towel cakes in a variety of styles, colors, and arrangements include:

A Creative and Useful Gift

Making a towel wedding cake is a creative and unique way to present the happy couple with bathroom necessities, and it can be a fun option for party decorations. Easy to make and easy to customize, these decorations are favorites at bridal showers and other wedding festivities.

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How to Make a Towel Wedding Cake