Tissue Wedding Bells

White tissue wedding bells hung from a soffit

Wedding bells made of tissue are staples for many bridal occasions. These cost-effective decorations help create a soft, festive atmosphere that is ideal for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Features of Tissue Wedding Bells

The wedding bell decorations are ideal for a number of reasons, especially considering the various styles and colors available.

Styles of Wedding Bells

While many may want to avoid filling every space with tissue decorations, these elements serve as magnificent fillers that complete the room's design with a soft touch. The atmospheres they create depend on their design. Styles include:

  • Centerpieces
  • Westminster bells
  • Bell clusters
  • Garlands
  • Wall accents

Since most of the honeycomb tissue bells fold flat, they are easily manipulated to hang flush against a wall, creating a rich effect.


Couples can find selections to suit their wedding colors. There is a relatively small variety of colors to select including:

  • Classic white
  • Dusty rose
  • Ivory
  • Lavender
  • Hunter Green
  • Burgundy
  • Light blue

The most popular colors are white and ivory because they suit nearly any color scheme that the couple selects for their wedding ceremony or reception.

Seasonal Themes

Winter weddings are ideal for the bell decoration accents. Couples that select the wintry season are apt to embrace traditional images of snowflakes and icicles. These images merge beautifully with the soft display of tissue wedding bells.

Bells are popular Christmas winter decorations that work well with holiday wedding themes. Hunter green and white hues are lovely color selections for this decorating concept.


The color, styles, and theme elements make the tissue wedding decorations the ideal choice for many couples. Other benefits include:

  • Easy storage: Bells can fold flat and require little room to store before or after the wedding.
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile: Bells can be used and reused for bridal showers, couple's showers, the wedding ceremony, receptions, luncheons, car decorations, and more.
  • Cost effective

The classic appeal of wedding bells never goes out of style. Tissue decorations offer a viable option that helps create an ambiance suitable for a number of different wedding occasions. Prices typically run under $30 for this type of decoration depending on the size and quantity ordered.

Where to Find Tissue Bells

The Internet is great resource for finding just about anything and tissue bells for weddings are no exception. Couples can find the decorative accents in the following sites:

Tissue wedding bells are easy to use, inexpensive wedding decorations that can give any atmosphere an instant wedding touch. By using tissue bells carefully, couples can easily coordinate their entire even around wedding bells symbolism.

Tissue Wedding Bells