Tiffany Wedding Cakes

Image of a Tiffany box wedding cake

Wedding cakes from the iconic Tiffany store can be quirky yet beautiful and sophisticated. A Tiffany cake for your wedding is an elegant design to cherish on your special day.

About Tiffany & Co.

For more than 150 years, the prestigious Tiffany & Co. has designed exquisite jewelry, including luxurious Tiffany engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry. The company originated the now iconic Tiffany six-prong diamond ring setting to highlight the beauty and quality of their gemstones, and today that prong setting is one of the most popular choices of brides-to-be. In addition to fine jewelry, Tiffany & Co. is also well known for luxurious engagement gifts and wedding gift registry options, and enthusiastic Tiffany fans may even opt to design their wedding cake with distinctive Tiffany flair.

Tiffany Wedding Cake Designs

3-tier Tiffany-inspired wedding cake

A couple may choose a Tiffany-inspired cake for a number of reasons. A bride named Tiffany may enjoy the whimsical nature of matching her name to her cake design, while a bride with a passion for Tiffany gems - including the new wedding band she will wear on that special day - may want to incorporate Tiffany accents to her entire wedding. The beauty and elegance of Tiffany jewelry symbolizes luxury, sophistication, and refinement, making a Tiffany wedding cake perfect for any princess-style wedding with a bit of personal flair.The signature Tiffany blue box wrapped with a simple white ribbon is the ultimate inspiration for a Tiffany-style cake. While this may seem overly simplistic, there is much room for innovation and personalization while still maintaining that Tiffany style. Design options for Tiffany cakes include:

  • Square wedding cakes to simulate Tiffany boxes, either with jewelry box dimensions or of a range of different sizes and shapes.
  • Tiers stacked symmetrically or offset.
  • Tinted icing to mimic the instantly recognizable Tiffany blue shade.
  • Fabric or icing white ribbon accents, either wrapped around tiers or cascading down the cake from a ribbon bow topper.
Simple glass hearts wedding cake topper
  • Jewelry-style accents including crystals or pearls.
  • Using a Tiffany cake plate, wedding cake stand, or wedding cake serving set.
  • Minimal wedding cake tops; a simple crystal topper or a bow is often preferred for Tiffany cakes, though simple wedding cakes with fresh flowers used for a topper can also be Tiffany-esque.

The key to an appropriately elegant Tiffany wedding cake is to keep the design simple. Tiffany jewelry is not ostentatious or outrageously elaborate; instead, the company relies on superior quality and clean, open lines to accentuate the beauty of its gems. A Tiffany cake, then should be simple with decorative accents and flowers kept to a minimum. The minimalist design can still be elegant, however, and the resemblance to Tiffany jewelry boxes will be instantly recognizable.

Other Tiffany Wedding Options

Classic Tiffany blue boxes wedding cake

Couples who appreciate the beauty and elegance of Tiffany & Co. jewelry but who don't want as blatant a connection to the retailer as a box-designed cake have other options to incorporate Tiffany flair into their celebration without overdoing the theme. Options include:

  • Choosing Tiffany-blue bridal party dresses or adding the characteristic blue hue to the bridal gown as the traditional "something blue."
  • Using blue wedding favor boxes tied with simple white ribbons to distribute favors to each guest.
  • Choosing faux diamonds to use as table decorations, such as scattering them around a candle centerpiece or using a larger faux gem as a paperweight for the guest book.
  • Creating a faux Tiffany cake as the bridal shower cake, or creating an over-the-top Tiffany-themed shower as a fun alternative to other themes.
  • Registering for a few luxurious gifts at Tiffany & Co. while being sure not to overdo expensive items that may give guests the wrong impression.

A Tiffany wedding cake symbolizes the luxury, elegance, sophistication, and beauty of this world renowned jeweler, and done tastefully, a Tiffany-style cake can be a stunning addition to a well-coordinated wedding reception.

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