Thank You for Coming Wedding Poems from the Bride and Groom

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Use thank you for coming wedding poems from the bride and groom as a cute way to let your guests know how much they mean to you. Writing traditional heartfelt thank you cards is hard for many couples, so using a poem is a great way to change up this necessary but often difficult task.

Ways to Say Thank You in Poetry

You want your guests to know you appreciate their attendance at your wedding. Instead of just writing a little sentence at the bottom of your wedding program, you can use a poem to express your gratitude. Couples with a religious background may want to incorporate their faith into the poem, while couples with a comical streak may want to infuse some humor into their verse. However you choose to write the poem, be sure it reflects your sincere appreciation to everyone for their attendance at your wedding.

Thank You for Attending Our Wedding

Thanks for sharing our wedding day.
Though we wish you all could stay,
We hope you go happily on your way.
Our dear friends as you depart,
We hope we have done our part
In sharing what we feel in our heart.

Blessed Day With Friends and Family

Sara and Joe would like to say
Thanks for sharing our special day.
Friends and family share our love
That has been blessed by God above.
Please know that as you depart
A special place you hold in our heart.

Thank You From Our Hearts

Thank you all from the bottom of our heart.
We are so happy to say
That you have had a part
In our special wedding day.
The bells have rung;
Vows have been read.
The choir has sung;
The "I do's" have been said;
Our life together has begun.

When to Say Thanks

While no thank you ever goes unappreciated, there are times where a poem fits best. For example, a generic poem in a thank you card for gifts can be considered impersonal. But using one as part of a wedding favor tag will make your guests smile, and you do not have to worry about being impersonal. Other times to use a wedding or marriage poem include:

  • At the rehearsal dinner
  • The back of the wedding program
  • In a toast at the wedding reception

If you choose to write a poem in your thank you notes, be sure to include a personal message to the guests telling them how much you enjoyed their presence at the wedding and thanking them for any help or gift they may have given.

Heartfelt Thanks from Brides and Grooms

Thank you poems from the bride and groom can be a beautiful way to thank guests for their presence on your special day. From whimsical limericks to heartfelt, romantic verses, there is a poem out there to express every type of gratitude, thanks, and appreciation.

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Thank You for Coming Wedding Poems from the Bride and Groom