Tape Measure Wedding Favors

Tape measure for a wedding favor

Personalized tape measures make fun and unexpected wedding favors. You can hand out practical tape measures for wedding favors to let your guests know that "your love knows no measure."

Practicality of Tape Measure Wedding Favors

In the wedding industry, it is standard to have some sort of favor to give to guests as a thank-you gesture for their love and support during your wedding and in your marriage together. Many couples end up frustrated in searching for the perfect wedding favor that represents their relationship/personality and conveys their feelings to guests.

For brides on a budget, a discount wedding favor with a practical application makes the most sense. After all, who wants to spend precious dollars on favors that may just get chucked after the wedding? A useful gift will make the most out of the favor wedding budget and be a unique offering beyond the standard wedding favor candles or candy.

The tape measure can be a practical symbolic gesture. Perhaps the couple is renovating their home. Or maybe one works in the construction industry. They may have even met at a home improvement store. If any of these apply to your relationship, a tape measure favor is a good choice.

Purchase Tape Measure Favors Online

With the amount of time that goes into planning a wedding, most couples opt to purchase ready-made favors. Using comparison shopping sites online can help you get the best price. Keep in mind that cost per unit often drops with the number of units purchased.

At American Bridal, you can buy the tape measure with a pre-printed message, "Love Beyond Measuring." Choose from a heart or round shape. The favors come in small organza bags, eliminating any fuss on your part. At only 1.35 dollars each, they are great for large weddings.

You can also order tape measures in large quantities from printing or graphic design studios. Check them out in your area, or order from Gary Austin Advertising.

Do-It-Yourself Measure Favors

For those with a crafty touch, or even those with a second left thumb, putting together your own tape measure favors can be easily done. Hunting out large sales in your hometown can result in big savings; look for slashed prices, clearance sales, or buy-one, get-one free deals.

To make your own favor, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase plain or minimal graphics tape measures.
  2. Print off labels that will fit over any graphics. Labels should convey thanks to the guests for their support, such as: "We can't measure how much you mean to us! Thank you for sharing our joy. Donna and Jeff Smith, May 10, 2007."
  3. Affix the labels to the tape measures.
  4. Place the tape measures in a small wedding favor bag.
  5. Tie with coordinating ribbon.

Couples who do not want to put labels onto the actual favor can use a wedding favor tag to express their sentiments to the guests. If you have room, include a small graphic related to construction. A small favor box could be used in lieu of a bag.

While a wedding favor may not seem like a big part of your wedding reception plans, you should give it some thought. Picking out a favor that is personal to you and your spouse will go a long way to making your guests feel appreciated. For the right couple, a tape measure favor is the perfect choice.

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Tape Measure Wedding Favors