Sweet Candy Wedding Centerpieces

Photo of a candy bouquet wedding center piece

Cheap and delightful sweet candy wedding centerpieces is a sure way to create conversation at your celebration.

Sugary Sweet Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces do not have to be traditional flower arrangements. Couples are embracing their sweet tooth and planning edible candy centerpieces for their wedding. These centerpieces offer several advantages over typical candle or flower centerpieces:

  • Unique, unconventional idea that makes a wedding stand out
  • Easy to create at home for the do-it-yourself bride
  • Cost is significantly less than purchasing live floral arrangements
  • Centerpieces can double as part of an appetizer, dessert, or as wedding favors

A number of ways are available to create candy centerpieces. One of the simplest ways is to fill a glass cylinder with jellybeans or candy coated chocolates in your wedding colors. Tie a large ribbon around it with a monogram initial in the center to make the display more elegant.

Couples who want to make their own chocolate candies can display them on a three-tiered dessert platter in the center of the table. Use candy molds in the shape of bells, ribbons, hearts, or anything that matches your wedding theme when making the candy, such as seashells for a beach wedding or snowflakes for a winter wedding.

Instructions for Sweet Candy Wedding Centerpieces

Make sweet wedding centerpieces that mimic floral wedding centerpiece arrangements. These wedding reception centerpieces require a little more time and effort but offer a visual treat for guests seated at the reception tables.

Candy Trees

A candy tree is one of the more simple centerpieces to create. To do so:

  1. Purchase a Styrofoam cone and place it flat on the table.
  2. Buy lollipops and cover them with tissue paper in your wedding color(s), tying with a green ribbon.
  3. Stick the lollipops into the tree, angled up. Space the suckers evenly and close together.
  4. Place several miniature faux flowers throughout the tree, using them to cover any gaps.
  5. Top the cone with a large version of the mini flowers.
  6. Secure the candy tree to a display plate with chocolate-coated candies scattered on the bottom.

For a unique alternative, switch out the lollipops for rock candy on swizzle sticks. Make your own or purchase them in clear packaging to show off the color of the candy.

Candy canes centerpiece for a winter wedding

Candy Cakes

Give every table its own creative wedding cake made with candy. To make miniature candy cakes:

  1. Purchase three square or round pieces of Styrofoam in three different sizes, with at least a two-inch difference in size.
  2. Use a hot glue gun to glue the three tiers of cake together.
  3. Pick up individually wrapped pieces of candy and use straight pins to layer the candies on each cake. Try to get creative with this step by making a pattern on each tier. For example, consider making a horizontal or vertical line of a different color or type of candy that runs through each tier. Create a border of larger candies or suckers on each tier or even make geometrical shapes on each tier of the cake, depending on the size of your "cakes."
  4. Add ribbon, bells, and other accents to the candy cake centerpieces.

Candy Bouquets

A candy flower bouquet is a versatile sweet candy wedding centerpiece. Create an elegant rose bouquet for a formal wedding or a festive and fun bouquet in a terra cotta pot or metal bucket for a more casual event. Find instructions for making both rose bouquets and spring bouquets in the craft section of Hershey's website.Create a unique bouquet that looks like a topiary for a wedding reception. Make your topiary by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a decorative flowerpot, a one-foot dowel and large Styrofoam ball, approximately 10 inches in diameter.
  2. Paint the wooden dowel in your choice of colors. Use green or brown for a realistic look or choose one of your wedding colors.
  3. Fill the flowerpot with green Styrofoam.
  4. Add the large round Styrofoam ball to the top of the dowel, centering it.
  5. Place the dowel into the flowerpot. Use a glue gun to add faux greenery to cover the rest of the Styrofoam.
  6. Using individually wrapped candies and straight pins or suckers, cover the large ball.
  7. Add a festive bow to the center of the dowel to finish the topiary.

For an inedible candy topiary, use unwrapped chocolate candies or jelly beans to cover the Styrofoam ball.

Sweet candy wedding centerpieces are an avant-garde option for trendy brides and grooms who want to treat their guests to tasty decorations.

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