Superman Wedding Cake Toppers

Amy Hoover
A slice of white-frosted chocolate wedding cake

Fans of superheroes everywhere will be pleased to know that they can even find a Superman wedding cake topper for their special day.

Finding Superman Wedding Cake Toppers

Finding a Superman cake topper may involve a little bit of searching. Because the hero is an unusual choice for a topper, you may have to investigate at length to find one that you like.

Sometimes wedding or cake bakeries may offer toppers. Another place to check is with someone who designs their own toppers or customizes toppers. The following retailers offer Superman toppers:

  • WeCakeToppers -Get Superman and Wonderwoman personalized with your face to put atop your cake. List price is $149.
  • Amazon - Get the superman symbol with Mr. & Mrs above it. This is a cake topper that will do best on a cake whose top layer is more than five inches in diameter. This retails for less than $13.
  • Wedding Collectibles - Get these Superman and Wonder Woman figurines. The set retails for around $20.
  • Totally Toppers - Based in the UK, this company will custom make a wedding topper for you. Their example of superman has a bride in her traditional gown paired with a groom in a superman outfit. Read the company's FAQ page for more information on shipping and prices.

If you cannot find a pre-designed wedding topper, you may be able to commission someone to make one for you. However, be aware that this may be significantly more expensive than a traditional cake topper. Consider your cake and decoration budget before making the decision to go ahead with a custom topper.

Although finding that Superman wedding cake topper may be difficult, when you get one, you can be sure your topper will be a unique addition to your wedding décor.

Making a Superman Themed Cake

You can enhance the Superman experience by making your entire cake themed around Superman. While a character wedding cake top would look fine atop even an elegant cake, if you want to be more thematic, you can incorporate more of the hero into your cake.

Consider choosing a red velvet cake, and then accent the frosting with blues and golds. You could also use red fondant to cover the cake and have small "S" shields along the border of the cake tiers.

A Superman shaped cake would be great for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Groom's cakes are another place to use Superman if you do not want to have him atop your actual wedding cake.

Superman Themed Wedding

A superhero themed wedding is a unique idea for couples to pull off. You may have met at a comic book convention or just share a love for the caped crusader. A funny wedding cake topper such as Superman can be great for a couple who just likes to have fun, too. Regardless, having a themed wedding will be memorable for everyone involved.

Consider the following options for a Superman themed wedding:

  • Red or blue colored bridesmaid dresses.
  • Red, blue, and dark yellow flowers.
  • Groomsmen and ushers could wear Superman ties.
  • Programs could be done comic-book style.
  • Reception decorations could feature villains from the comics and movies.
  • Buy candles decorated in Superman.
  • A large shield with the couple's initials behind the head table, with the monogram replacing the "S."
  • Have the first dance to the theme from one of the movies.
  • Favors could be rub-on Superman tattoos for kids or comics for adults.

You may not want to have an entire wedding devoted to Superman. In this case, a simple Superman wedding cake topper will suffice as a simple addition to your otherwise traditional wedding. Regardless of what you choose to do, a Superman cake topper will be sure to please everyone.

Superman Wedding Cake Toppers