Summer Wedding Themes

Amy Hoover
Bride having a summer country wedding

Create an experience your guests will never forget by having a summer wedding theme incorporated into all parts of your wedding.

Themed Weddings

Themed weddings have become a bigger part of the wedding planning process than ever. From casino-style receptions in Las Vegas wedding packages to paying homage to a favorite sports team, couples are finding that themed weddings allow them to personalize their entire nuptial experience.

Not only does throwing a themed wedding break from tradition in order to create a special wedding for the couple, but it also makes guests appreciate the ceremony and reception. In most parts of the United States, summer weddings are common. By creating a themed summer wedding, couples can ensure their guests will not feel like they are going to "just another" wedding.

Themed elements can be introduced in almost every aspect of the wedding. From save the dates to wedding invitation cards to bridal jewelry to reception décor, to the first dance, opportunities abound for brides and grooms who want to create a unique wedding.

Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

The summer season provides a lot of ideas for those who are looking to create a themed wedding experience. The easiest place to start looking is with personal preferences. After all, this theme should reflect your own thoughts and feelings. If you as a couple share a favorite activity or other element from summer, it is the perfect starting point for creating a themed wedding. For those without a common summer bond, a personalized themed wedding is still possible.

Inspired by Nature

Nature provides plenty of inspirations and ideas for a themed wedding. Incorporate lush green colors into all of your floral arrangements and carry the color throughout your wedding decorations. Of course, nothing is more "green" than throwing an entire wedding that is eco-friendly by serving organic foods, wearing natural fiber bridal party attire, and having recycled wedding favors.

Animals, like bees, birds, and butterflies can also make good themes for weddings. Gardening, farming and country elements can also be added into an inspired by nature wedding theme for the summer.

If weather, location and budget permits, plan your nature inspired wedding for an outdoor area, like a backyard, garden, or park.

Recreational Sports

Sporting activities often bring couples together. If there is a summer activity you both enjoy doing, why not incorporate it into your wedding? Plenty of ideas are available, including:

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming/diving
  • Baseball
  • Running
  • NASCAR or other vehicle racing
  • Motorcycling
  • Volleyball
  • Sailing

Recreational sporting activities you both enjoy doing can be part of an engagement party or bachelor/bachelorette party outing. Use model race cars/bikes or use balls as your wedding reception centerpieces, and incorporate these summer wedding themes in other ways to bring the event together.

Color Themed Weddings

Create an entire theme based around summer colors. Bright reds, bold yellows, striking oranges, and sky blues are perfect colors for a summer wedding. A wedding theme based upon colors can often be cheaper to put together, as you do not have to look very far to find a wide selection of wedding accessories in multiple colors.

A rainbow colored wedding is another great summer theme. Bridesmaids can all wear different colored dresses, you can pick up almost any decoration in any color, and it can create a vibrant atmosphere.

Stars and Stripes Wedding

Planning your wedding near Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day? Get creative and throw a stars and stripes wedding. Wedding colors can be red, white and blue and be used almost everywhere. Invitations, bridesmaid jewelry, bridal tiaras, centerpieces, head table decorations, and even the wedding cake can be done with sparkling stars.Hand out sparklers as your wedding favors, with a note attached that says Jim and Julie sparked a fire when they got married. Thank you for attending our wedding!

Ocean and Beach Themes

Even if you do not live on a coast, it does not mean you have to shy away from sandy summer wedding themes. Ideas for a beach wedding or ocean theme include:

  • Hawaii: Wear a Hawaiian wedding dress, serve a pineapple flavored cake, play hula dinner music and give out leis for favors.
  • Tropical Paradise: Use large exotic flowers in bouquets and arrangements, have a tiki bar set up at the reception and use palm trees as a main graphical element.
  • Ocean Life: Dolphins, starfish, coral reefs and more can be included in various wedding elements, from invites to favors.

Have a beach wedding cake made in the shape of a sandcastle to complete your theme. Seashells, sand art, or tropical soaps make great favors for any ocean theme.

Endless Possibilities

Only your imagination is the limit for summer wedding themes. Want to host a Renaissance wedding, complete with armored knights (groomsmen)? If you can imagine it, you can do it. Or do you love Christmas, but feel the holiday season is too busy? Throw a red and green summer themed wedding. Themed weddings are all about reflecting your personality. Let yours shine through!

Summer Wedding Themes