Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

Photo of a summer wedding bouquet

Ideas for summer wedding flowers offer greater choices due to the growing season. Summer weddings are so popular you'll want to make your wedding flower decisions ahead of the rush.

Summertime Wedding Flowers

There are many varieties of flowers available in the summer. First you need to decide the type of wedding you will be having. Select flowers to coordinate with a theme or setting and you can't go wrong. Here are a few ideas.

Pink Flowers

Summer wedding bouquet with pink roses

Pink is the color of love and romance, making a natural for wedding flowers. If you are planning a traditional wedding, roses are the most traditional flower. Roses are not only plentiful in the summer, but can be found in many colors as well. Consider pink roses with white lily-of-the-valley and green ferns for a romantic theme. Perhaps pink hyacinth with fragrant jasmine is more your style. Pink zinnias in several mixed shades always look lovely. An armful of pink and white peonies will make a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Tropical Flowers

Bolder colors like orange, red or hot pink roses and white gardenias will give your wedding flowers a more tropical look. Other tropical flowers include brightly colored hibiscus, orchids or chrysanthemum. For a unique statement, use exotic bird-of-paradise in your wedding flower arrangements.Beach wedding themes also lend themselves well to softer colors like white peonies accented with blue hyacinth and sunny yellow freesia.

Summer Flowers in Season

Here is a list of a few of the many flowers that are in season in the summertime. Be sure to talk to your florist, and look at these selections to come up with some summer wedding flower ideas of your own.

An orange and yellow Calla lily bridal bouquet
  • Alstromeria-Also known as a Peruvian Lily is available in yellow, purple and violet. They are a beautiful, exotic looking flower.
  • Chrysanthemum-These summer blooms come in large and compacts varieties. Colors range from white, red, yellow, purple, pink and orange.
  • Forget-me-Not-A beautiful bright blue bloom that makes a lovely accent flower in you wedding flower arrangements.
  • Gerbera Daisy-Comes in a variety of beautiful colors like yellows, pinks and oranges.
  • Sunflower-Large or small varieties make a terrific summer wedding flower arrangement.
  • Poppy-Brilliant red flowers truly make a statement.
  • Rose Mallow-Also known as hibiscus these flowers will add a tropical touch to your summer wedding.
  • Peony-Large, gorgeous flowers in pink, white or red make a stunning bridal bouquet.
  • Rose-The traditional wedding flower available in many colors, some not so traditional. Try a two-toned rose with baby's breath for a lovely display.
  • Orchid-Another tropical flower in many exotic colors including white, pink and purple. A lovely selection for a beach wedding.
  • Calla Lilly-A gorgeous bloom in an amazing array of colors. Choose from white, pink, lavender, red, yellow, orange and even more.

Flower Needs

When you are thinking of summer wedding flower ideas, remember there is more to wedding flowers than just the bridal bouquet. You will also need flowers for:

For more wonderful ideas, check out this Gallery of Wedding Flower Pictures or check out the beautiful designs at for more terrific ideas. Then customize an appealing arrangement to match your wedding setting or theme by choosing your own colors and special touches.

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Summer Wedding Flower Ideas